This Week in Talent (21 Nov)

This week we share tips on writing winning InMails, a list of best HR & recruiting chatbots in the market currently, and interesting article from Lars Schmidt on what makes an exceptional modern recruiter, and more!

How to write winning InMails

Anything that takes longer than 30 seconds to read is likely to be ignored. Concise communication is key to helping you attract attention and improve your time-to-hire. Check out this informative article on how you can increase response to your rambling, winding emails, currently irking your target audience. 🙂

Best HR and recruiting chatbots – November 2019

We like how these folks are doing some serious research every month to showcase the not only the latest, but also the best chatbots out there on the market. They’ve also got an ROI calculator available for you to download and use for building your business case. Get onto this everyone.

To She/He or not to She/He?

We can all learn a thing or two about not making assumptions and being considerate from this thoughtful article from Glenys Knights. Sometimes, asking our candidate a simple question such as what their preferred name is could make all the difference. Read to learn more.

What to look for when hiring a recruiter

Lars Schmidt in this interesting article identified a set of essential traits – the recruiting DNA – that makes an exceptional modern recruiter. Do you have these qualities and how can you learn them? Do you agree with all of them? Food for thought everyone.

Sorry to bother you, but do you say “sorry” too much? What to say instead

Besides removing “sorry” from our own communications, we should tell other people when they are overdoing their “sorry”s, suggests sociologist Maja Jovanovic. Watch her TedTalk to learn why the “sorry”s we sprinkle through our days hurt us and how can we improve.

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