This Week in Talent (21 Mar)

This week we found the five steps you can take to convert your hiring manager into a great teammate in getting the req done, what you can do to become a better public speaker, how to catch those lying candidates, some great tips for purchasing HR tech wisely, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Hiring alone – the biggest failure of talent acquisition!

Too many leaders want TA to just hire on their own says Tim Sackett and we all know that’s really not the most effective way to recruit. So what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? Check out these five steps.

How to not suck as a speaker: 15 ideas

Knowing what you are going to talk about is not going to make you a better speaker says Maren Hogan. In this excellent article she shares tips on how you can get better at public speaking, based on her years of practicing and speaking at numerous conferences. Must read.

Kelly O’Dwyer to unveil biggest changes to employment services in two decades

If re-elected, Jobs Minister Kelly O’Dwyer will free job seekers from the demand to apply for 20 positions a month. Sounds like a good move but what does that mean for employers? Keen to hear from anybody who has dealt with this before.

5 ways to encourage career progression as a recruiter

Career progression is fast becoming one of the top priorities amongst candidates and as the TA professional, what can you do to help your company instill a culture of development and learning? Click to find out more.

The most outrageous resume lies employers have seen—and the 4 secret tactics they use to catch a liar

“Applicant said he worked at Microsoft, but then had no idea who Bill Gates was.” – Yep you read that right. While this is one of the more easily identifiable lies, there are others that are more difficult to spot. Here are a few tactics you can use to catch those lying candidates, have a read here.

12 tips for purchasing hr tech wisely, parts 1 & 2

What should we be looking out for? Most of us are unclear as to where to start so it might be wise to have a read of this series from Kevin Grossman. We read part 2 first before following the trail to part 1.

How to Marie Kondo your LinkedIn network in 4 steps

Is your LinkedIn network loaded with contacts that you hardly know or spoken to? Applying a bit of a Kondo-inspired decluttering strategy might work wonders if you are ever wanting to tap into your network for your next potential candidates. Read it here.

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