This Week in Talent (20 Feb)

It is a mix of good reads and practical tools this week – we have a whitepaper showing the 12 work personas that will be affected by automation and how you can address this, an ex-Google VP on how to identify candidates suitable for working in startups, Tesla’s “Anti-Handbook Handbook” for new employees, and more!

12 work personas to plan for in your future workforce

How will our current workforce be affected by automation? The people at Forrester have identified 12 automation personas we need to be looking at now. Excellent framework for everyone to use as a starting point for workforce planning.

10 hr tech tools that can help you boost your Talent Acquisition process

These 10 tools promise to improve the efficiency of the hiring process and make it a little less of a challenge to recruit top Talent to your organisation. Check them out.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha infographic update

Interesting research laying out the differences and characteristics between each of these generations. Essential read for anyone who is looking at recruiting and leading the next generation.

How to know if a job candidate can handle working at a startup

Jessica Powell, the former Google vice president, shares how she vets candidates for high tolerance for ambiguity and resilience in this insightful article. Must read.

Could micro-credentials compete with traditional degrees?

The concept of a “degree” has certainly been challenged in recent years. But here is what we think – why can’t it be seen as complementary with micro-credentials instead? It would be great to see a future where there are many avenues to gaining different skills and demonstrating them to employers. Food for thought.

Tesla’s ‘Anti-Handbook Handbook’ for new employees just leaked

Depending on your personal opinion of Elon Musk, this alleged copy of Tesla’s handbook for new employees is either ridiculously awesome or an over the top, ridiculously self-aggrandising description of standard workplace culture policies. But whatever it is, this is pure Musk. Check it out.

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