This Week in Talent (2 Jul)

This week we have a case study on how to gain 24/7 access to candidates, strategies to help you improve video interviews, how you can identify transferable skills in candidates, the four questions you need to ask before choosing your background screening partner, and more!

How Stellar went beyond the resume & gained 24/7 access to their candidates

Getting to Talent who are only available after hours can be challenging. Find out how Stellar overcame this without compromising on candidate experience.

Candidate experience: Best practices for video interviews & assessments

The best way to prevent candidates from losing interest is to shorten time-to-hire says Mirela Lane. She shares the 3 things you can do to achieve that.

Moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion (while avoiding tokenism)

Many organisations risk overcompensating when trying to increase diversity, causing unintended consequences. How can we avoid that? Click to find out.

The impact of emotion in experience: How to make your team thrive during the pandemic and beyond

Certainty, variety, significance & connection – fulfilling these 4 needs is key to rebuilding teams and keeping your best Talent. Click to find out how.

4 questions you should be asking background-screening providers

When researching screening providers, it is important to look deeper beyond the product specs and service comparisons says Jim Heeney. He shares more.

What future are you assuming today as you develop tomorrow’s workforce?

We all have blind spots, biases, and different perceptions of what is happening now and what might happen next. How can we mitigate them? Click to find out.

How to identify transferable skills (and why they are essential now)

If you are looking to hire new employees in this changed environment, how do you find candidates who are ideally matched for the job?

How 3 brands are using Talent science to identify & solve their biggest people challenges

Using gut feel when hiring & managing Talent won’t cut it in today’s challenging world. Using the right tools and approaches is critical. Find out how.

Top 6 tips to improve your hiring hit-rate with video interviews

How many questions should you ask? What types of questions should you be asking? Jane Bianchini shares more in this insightful article.

Workforce planning considerations in the new era of work

Are you looking at how you can bring your organisation out of the crisis and help it transition back to growth? Paula Croeser shares some useful strategies.

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