This Week in Talent (18 Apr)

This week we have some hard truths about our current diversity initiatives, a case study featuring how SurveyMonkey uses its own products to attract Talent, hiring parties that could help you scale recruitment in the hospitality space and more, check ’em out!
Enjoy these musings!

Why the diversity landscape is still slanted towards inequality

Some hard truths in here. Excellent article breaking down the real reasons why we are still talking about diversity after all these years. Good read.

What job seekers today expect during the hiring process [infographic]

The people at ClearCompany has put together this informative infographic explaining what job seekers today expect during the hiring process. Need a sense check on your processes, you should check this one out.

How SurveyMonkey uses its own products to fight the Talent war: b-to-b cmo spotlight

Interesting interview with SurveyMonkey’s CMO Leela Srinivasan on how she is tapping into organisation’s mission and product to attract Talent. If you are looking to enhance your EVP or employer branding, this will be a good read.

You’re invited: Taco Bell to throw hiring parties nationwide to scale recruitment practices

It can be tricky to recruit and retain high quality hospitality staff who will work for the minimum wage when there is so much competition out there. If you are not in a position to offer increased wages, this recruitment initiative from Taco Bell could potentially work. Check it out.

L’Oréal’s ‘ad for men’ campaign shares why hiring female leaders is worth it

Catchy and in your face, this is not your usual recruitment marketing campaign. Check it out.

ANZ reveals the good and bad of its Agile transformation

It helps to cull bad leaders, does more with less, and creates a more attractive proposition for Talent. However, it isn’t without its challenges. Good read for those who are going through the process of an Agile transformation.

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