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Are you like me where you’re a bit baffled by all this talk about the ‘metaverse’, and using virtual reality headsets to pretend you’re actually in the office or to tackle Zoom fatigue? Part of me thinks … what a great idea (and of course I’d love to give it a crack – I love a trend!), but the other part of me thinks … can’t we just let go of the office once and for all and invent new ways of connection at work? Why do we have to use a VR headset to pretend we’re in the office? I’d much rather pretend to be at Disneyland with my colleagues … just sayin’.

The next new trend … virtual office attire. I’m lucky to work for an organisation that doesn’t care what you wear to work (within reason) because it’s all about what’s goin’ on in ya brain, baby. But could having some sort of virtual dress code be the next thing? There ain’t NO way I’m paying actual money for VR clothing …. (famous last words).

One of my girlfriends often just books in “parallel play” time (she calls it) with her team where they all jump onto a call and just hang out and work together. Which to me sounds kind of terrifying, but also … kind of nice too? I think I’d be much more productive doing that, than strapping on a VR headset and falling down a flight of stairs. Have you ever tried parallel play? I wanna know (reach out to me here.)

On that subject… let me tell you all about my NEW obsession – Pokémon. Okay so it’s not “new” – I used to play Pokémon on my old gameboy when I was younger, and eventually lost interest once I discovered nightclubs and jägerbombs. Anyway, I was listening to this podcast the other day about gaming and how it can actually help if you’re in a heightened state of anxiety. I decided to download Pokémon on my Nintendo Switch last week when I was having a particularly anxious time in the ol’ noggin and guess what – it totally worked! It just snapped me out of that anxious state, and I focused on getting my little baby Pokémon nice and strong (I’m yet to lose a battle, FYI) and suddenly I was feeling totally fine.

Next time you’re having a bit of a panic because you have 3 roles to shortlist, 10 interviews to book and 1000 missed candidate calls… take a break and have a play!

Zen AF Jody – out! 🙂

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Hybrid work: How the ‘Zoom Ceiling’ might hurt your chance of promotion

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Can ‘sleep leadership’ help banish burnout?

I LOVE THIS IDEA! Let’s start bragging more about the great sleep we got last night, rather than the sleep we didn’t get. Might add this as an agenda item at my team meetings moving forward …

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The State of Employee Benefits Research

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