This Week in Talent (17 May)

This week we talk Sherlock Holmes-style interviewing, what you need to look out for when using People Analytics in APAC, a tool that helps you decide if you should be organising that meeting, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

People Analytics in Asia Pacific: Why is it different?

In this insightful report, People Analytics guru David Green examines the major considerations organisations need to take into when applying people analytics into their operations in Asia.

Assessing if a candidate will be a team player – Sherlock Holmes style

Sherlock Holmes is famous for his evidence-based, objective approach to solving crimes. Who knows it can be used for recruitment too – here’s how.

How big data and analytics are transforming recruitment and HR

Look no further if you need any more evidence to prove that data and analytics are crucial to helping you recruit better – check this out.

Should it be a meeting?

Spending too much time in pointless meetings? This simple tool will help you decide if you should be organising another one. Chances are no.

Co-founder of Glassdoor shares success advice

As Glassdoor undergoes a multimillion-dollar takeover by Recruit Holdings, co-founder Rich Barton (who also started Expedia and Zillow) provides some insights into his success that Talent professionals might useful too.

Working Mum? Here’s what your kids want you to know

For all you working mothers out there, here’s a video interview that will warm your hearts and inspire you to greater future success!

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