This Week in Talent (17 Jan)

Our first issue for 2019 and it’s a good one – we have recruiting ideas from Michelle Obama, awesome list of interview questions curated for tech recruiters, how tech vendors can become more efficient in helping their clients solve their problems, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

13 essential etiquette tips for today’s hiring managers

No two companies have similar hiring processes, but there are some crucial pieces of etiquette that every hiring manager should keep in mind when recruiting new Talent. Click to see the list of tips. What do you think? Should your hiring managers be doing these?

Michelle Obama shares 3 ideas to help companies recruit diverse Talent

Did you know former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama used to be a recruiter? Well sort of – she was assigned to help with campus recruitment when she was working as a junior associate at a law firm, and she developed an approach to find underrepresented Talent for her company. Click to find out more!

A curated awesome list of lists of interview questions for tech recruiters

Like the title says, this is an amazing curated list of interview questions categorised into different programming languages, frameworks and platforms. One to bookmark if you are hiring tech Talent.

The very real dangers of AI and how HR Tech vendors can fight them

If you are a tech founder or vendor, this article by Maren Hogan is a must read. Maren runs a successful recruitment marketing agency in the states and here she shares some of the AI-related issues facing her clients and how tech vendors such as you can help to combat them.

The new employee

Who is this new employee? Why do we want to hire them? A powerful article by Rebecca Statham reminding us about the changing Talent mindsets. Are you ready to engage this new breed of Talent?

8 TEDTalks that basically equal an MBA

You might be thinking of going for an MBA, or you are just wanting inspiration, here are eight TEDTalks that are definitely worth sitting through. Go on, sit back, open your laptop, and put on your listening ears.

The keys to happy living lie in this calendar

Yes we know it’s already mid-January but it’s never too late to start your year right, right? Check out this brilliant calendar which will help you create a positive and happy mindset.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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