This Week in Talent (16 May)

This week we find out how the VP of Talent Acquisition at Delta Airlines is designing her candidate experience for the disappointed, explore a big list of GitHub search operators, check out another list of recruitment tools for in-house teams, find out what’s new at LinkedIn, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Awesome recruitment tools for agency & in-house recruitment teams

The folks at JobAdder have done a great job pulling this list together. Did they miss anything? What other tools are you using? We will be exploring more at the upcoming ATC2019, come join us!

The Big List of GitHub Search Operators

Learning how to search on GitHub? Check out this Google Sheet full of search operators by Susanna Frazier and Sofia Broberger. Excellent resource.

How Delta Is working to improve its Candidate Experience by designing for the disappointed

Considering Delta has to reject over 99 percent candidates of the million-plus candidates who apply every year for just over 10,00 jobs, it makes perfect sense to make this group the priority. Click to find out how they are doing this.

Where does development sit on your list of priorities?

The conversation is all too familiarly depressing – HR and (especially) TA continue to be viewed as a cost centre rather than a strategic business partner. Stan Rolfe wrote an article on this topic recently too. Have a read and ponder.

Are you being too nice?

Nice people finish last they say. Perhaps we should start taking heed, the reasons are compelling. Click to read more.

LinkedIn refresh includes skills assessment tests, new referral tools

The world’s largest job marketplace is set to roll out more changes that could make it an even better tool for recruitment. Click to find out more.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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