This Week in Talent (16 Jul)

This week we have a list of sourcing tools for tech recruiters, a blueprint from one of our fav speakers Carmen Hudson on how we can root out hiring discrimination, news from Sweden on how they deployed robots more!

Why it’s time to end the ‘ideal target candidate profile’

Love this article from John Vlastelica. The “ideal candidate” is problematic from so many fronts and, especially, for those who are trying to improve diversity and inclusion. Click to learn what you can do to improve access and opportunity for your candidates.

Diversity (part II): Reversing discriminatory hiring practices

“If you cannot discuss the tenets of Critical Race Theory, you are likely not prepared to identify and address discriminatory practices and policies in your company,” says Carmen Hudson. Powerful post from one of our fav speakers. Here, she proposes a blueprint that companies can use to root out hiring discrimination, must read.

Tips from recruiters on navigating our current job market

If you or someone you know is looking for a new career opportunity, here are a few tips and tricks that you might find helpful. Kudos to Nina Pollard for sharing!

Swedish municipality deploys robots for safer recruitment

The Tengai recruitment robot claims to eliminate bias by removing human influence and can deliver seven times more interviews than a human recruiter – and it is available for lease at your preferred location. Check it out.

My favourite sourcing tools for tech recruiters

Excellent list by sourcer Jiri Herodek. If you are after some new tools to help you source better, this is an article you need to check out.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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