This Week in Talent (15th July)

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

Work has been bananas this week – we’re working on a bunch of TA improvement initiatives, but also have roles coming out the wazoo. Yikes. Like … you want to do all the fun improvement stuff, but also there’s BAU recruitment stuff that needs to be prioritised. And with the candidate market the way it is … sheesh it’s a tough life for us recruiters right now.

One thing in particular I’m working on at the moment is an Ambassador Program – we’re looking to find a group of employees to act as “Ambassadors” that attend events, spruik our roles and news updates to their networks, and help us find talent etc. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to chat to anyone who has rolled out a similar program in their workplace? Or perhaps you’ve BEEN an ambassador, or had exposure to one in some way? OMG let me know. Message me on LinkedIn!

Something I’ve been listening more to lately are audio books! I’m a massive fan of Clementine Ford, but I’d never read any of her books so I decided to invest in ‘Fight Like A Girl’ on Audible. It’s fantastic – super relatable, infuriating in a lot of parts, and massively educational. A great read (or listen, in my case) for anyone that wants to educate themselves on modern feminism and how to advocate for women’s rights.

I also tried to listen to the ‘5am Club’ audiobook recently and didn’t last long. Awful. Garbage. Don’t bother.

Hey, if you didn’t realise – we’ve got our Innovation Lab happening next Wednesday 21 July. Come along and see the newest and sexiest tech startups pitch to a live audience (aka you) and cast your vote on who should win! There will be popcorn too, and lord knows I love me some popcorn. Tickets are FREEEEE – hopefully I’ll see ya there!

The 4 main reasons Australians quit their jobs to become their own boss

Ummmm cause we hate being told what to do? LOLOL just joking … we love it 😉 In all seriousness, this isn’t just happening in Australia – people all over the world are leaving their secure, salaried jobs to kick off their own gigs and try something new. And why the hell not?! I think if anything, 2020 made us realise that life is WAY too short not to try new things and do what you love on your own terms.

In this together? Not when Employers ban staff from supervising kids while working from home.

A local council in NSW last week advised their employees that supervising at-home learning AND working from home at the same time was “not permitted”. As if mothers (who do the majority of this unpaid labour) aren’t already disadvantaged as it is?! Cue massive outrage from people (parents and non-parents alike). NOT. OKAY!!

The Psychological Benefits of Commuting to Work

I’m sure some of you out there have been missing the commute into the office? Time to chill, read a book, listen to a podcast etc? I still hate commuting (mainly because I never get a seat on the tram or train so it’s not a relaxing time for me, but rather a weird swaying unstable scenario. Also I get motion sickness which is a fun time lol.) BUT … I do like that when I close up my laptop in the office and head out the doors … that commute home means I’m done for the day.

Can we end the 40 hour working week?

Like … can we? Yeah? Oh man, I would get SO much done if I had a shorter week – having a shorter, more succinct work week followed by a 3 day weekend to live my best life. Sure – I could work a shorter week now if I wanted to, but I wouldn’t get paid the same, and I love money … so that wouldn’t work for me. Also check this out … where the 40 hour work week actually came from. Could we be the generation to end it?

Reflections on Indigenous Recruitment in NAIDOC week

Ummm I love love love this. Holly Johnson (Indigenous Inclusion Manager @ KPMG) shares the considerations and drivers that KPMG have used to connect with and retain Indigenous talent. Hint: it’s so much more than simply popping an advert on SEEK and hoping for the best, and having a solid Indigenous talent strategy spans much wider than actual recruitment activity. A solid read!

NPR’s Joy Generator

Are you currently in lockdown, or experiencing the winter blues? Feeling a bit ‘meh’ this week? Check out this Joy Generator for some instant(ish) joy and nostalgic soundscapes! Headphones recommended, joy guaranteed.

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