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Day 11 of Dry July and I have a new hobby … KNITTING! Whilst I’ve been busy living my Hot Sober Gal Winter, I decided there was no better time to start knitting … And oh BOY have I thrown myself into it, like I do with all new hobbies. I’m knitting myself a blanket, and I’ve already plowed through $100 worth of wool in 1 weekend and still have way more to go. No one told me that knitting would be so addictive?!

Earlier this week (and off the back of NAIDOC) I attended a workshop with our Aboriginal Cultural Engagement Advisor (Richard) and his family at their home in Warrandyte, on Wurundjeri Country. The workshop was designed for leaders and managers – we spent the day together learning about First Nations cultural history, creating a brand and songline as a leadership team, and committing to a set of values by way of a massive hands-on painting that we created together (things got super messy with all the paint flying around).

We started the day with a smoking ceremony and a walk through the bush, rubbing teatree leaves in our hands, listening to the land and breathing in the smells. We then listened to stories from Richard and his family, and the different ways that they get up, stand up and show up everyday for their people.

It made me think about our roles in Talent Acquisition and where we can make the most impact. How can we design processes to truly show up for Aboriginal people, and give them the best chance to succeed? How can we stamp our racism, and show others that we won’t stand for it? There’s so many small things we can do that have massive impacts on First Nations people’s lives.

I challenge everyone reading this to take it upon themselves to learn a bit about the land you are on, the history of that land (the good and the bad), to speak up when you hear something being said or a decision being made that is not right, and to look at the ways you can make an impact. Because there are ways – lots of ways!

The Netherlands Make Working From Home a Legal Right

The Netherlands are literally so damn cool. Yet another cool thing they’ve added to their ‘List Of Cool Things The Netherlands Have Done’.

AFCA remove gender label on parental leave – encouraging men to work flexibly

They’re also paying superannuation during parental leave too. Way to go, AFCA you legends!

What to do if a recession is on the horizon

I’ve seen lots of recession rumours, and whilst I don’t know if it will be a thing … it’s always good to start planning and prepare for the worst.

Latest McKinsey survey illuminates how many people are offered the option to work from home, who works flexibly, and how they feel about it.

McKinsey’s latest survey presents data on hybrid working in the US, and the results are interesting. There are stark differences in the amount of men offered remote working opportunities (61%) in comparison to women (52%), and the number of older workers that have the opportunity to work from home but choose to work from the office. Something I took away from this is the importance of ensuring our WFH strategies have a DEI lense over them to ensure everyone can be successful when working remotely.

The pandemic has changed workplace fashion

I donated all my corporate clothes during the pandemic, and I now wear jeans and Converse everyday. Pre-pandemic if you’d told me this would happen, I would have LOL’d in ya face (whilst wearing a blazer and heels). I’ll never go back!

Twitter Lays Off Third of Recruiting Team

Did ol’ musty Musky have anything to do with this?

Image featured in the banner is the 2022 National NAIDOC Poster incorporating the Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag (licensed by the Torres Strait Island Council).

The ATC team work on many lands including those of the Boon Wurrung, Wurundjeri-Willem and Dharawal people. We also host events in Naarm, Kulin and Eora Nations and beyond. We thank the Traditional Custodians and Elders of all of the lands that we live and work on for their continued care of land and waters.

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