This Week in Talent (13th October)

Week 2 of October TWIT with Jody. Glad to have you here.

My birthday celebrations are now over for another year, and … I’m struggling this week. The celebrations were grand, and I’m ready to do absolutely NOTHING this coming weekend whilst I recover mentally and physically from a weekend full of mirth. Pure mirth.

This week I’ve been reading a lot about women in the workforce, predominantly what types of things women might want to know during a recruiting process. I was sent this article by the Work180 crew about the type of questions to expect from candidates this next year, in particular women, and I found it intriguing.

I ain’t no fool – I know that majority of candidates, particularly women, would not feel comfortable asking these questions during an interview. Not because they don’t want to know, or aren’t brave enough (they are PLENTY brave) … but because they know that based on past experiences that asking these types of questions could create negative bias from the panel. I’m a job search coach in my spare time, and … it’s a common theme I hear from my clients.

So it got me thinking … what if we offered this info upfront?

Every company should be actively, and proudly, talking about the last time a woman was promoted into a leadership role within their organisation. Or how they leverage the voices of people from minority groups to openly talk about their experiences. Or how they respond to an employee telling their manager that they are stressed and overworked. Or how many primary carers the company has in leadership positions …

If this is what people want to know, then let’s add that into our adverts or attach a cheeky ‘FAQ’ document to our adverts along with the position description. Make a video. Or an infographic. Or … whatever funky thing your company does. Leverage these types of articles, and this type of data, to attract the people that wouldn’t usually give your role or company a second thought. The people that truly align to your company values!

Annnnnd … that’s me done. I’ll step down off my soapbox for this week … until next week.

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The number of occupations facing a skills shortage has almost doubled in the past year

An Instagram post that accurately, and aesthetically, details our talent troubles in a couple of cheeky infographics. The shortage of nurses, teachers, and tradies continues … *sigh*

Is Bad Onboarding Stifling Your New Senior Leaders?

When you recruit and onboard a new leader, or any new person in your business … do you actively harness their previous experience, their diversity of thought, and how they may have insights into a better way of doing things instead of learning your ways? Isn’t that the reason you hired them?

How to Disrupt a System That Was Built to Hold You Back

Okay … I read a Tweet this week that (in more or less terms) said “Being a woman is like being a cyclist in a city built for cars. We’re supposed to share the road equally, but it never works that way”. Now imagine that, TIMES A TRAZILLION, for people of colour. Read on …

How To Pace Yourself At Work While Pregnant

I’m trying to challenge myself to read and share articles that don’t always relate directly to me. Hence the article above (I am very much a white, cis woman), AND this is another. I haven’t had kids, but I have friends who do, and … I often think about how awful being in your first trimester in a workplace would be. The vomming, the smell sensitivity, the hormones, the aches, and pains. If this is you … I hope this article brings you comfort and helps in some small way.

Atlassian Launches Recruitment Drive – Literally

This is just … so cool. Driving around Australia in an “AtlassiVan” is a cool recruitment marketing technique, not to mention a cool experience for everyone involved. It’s just a … very Atlassian thing to do. So cool.

It’s Cultural: Making Australian workplaces a happier place

Indeed’s newest workplace happiness survey found that 72% of currently-employed Australians have felt unhappy at work at some point in the past 12 months. Download their new report to learn how you can foster a positive workplace environment. *spon

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