This Week in Talent (12 April)

This week we learn about the simple tweaks you can make to your job descriptions to make it more inclusive, strategies on how female recruiters out there can get the pay rise you need to match your male counterparts, what makes a great Talent sourcer, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

5 must-do’s for writing inclusive job description

Did you know that even something as minor as a single word can affect whether or not you are attracting a diverse Talent pool? Here’s what you can do to make your job descriptions more inclusive.

10 must have Google Sheets add-ons for sourcers and recruiters

A great share from Denis Dinkevich. Just what you need to turbo charge your sourcing and get it onto the next level.

Track your social selling power with this one metric

Most recruiters probably spend quite a bit of effort into establishing your professional brand on LinkedIn, building the right connections and engaging with insights. But how do we know if they are working? Thanks Chris South for the share.

7 core characteristics of a Talent sourcer

The quality of people that an organisation hire is key to success and that is why the role of a Talent sourcer is so important. So how do you separate a great Talent sourcer from a merely good one? Jan Tegze shares more.

Female recruiters – how to ask for that pay rise?

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to ask for the pay rise to match your male counterparts if you knew how much they are paid? But until we get full disclosure on that, these tips are probably your best bet to help you get there. Check it out.

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