This Week in Talent (11 Oct)

Can a white guy lead your diversity and inclusion efforts? How A.I. makes recruiting more human? Are we seeing the beginning of the world’s first end-to-end recruitment solution in LinkedIn? Check out what we else we’ve found for you this week!
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LinkedIn acquires Glint to help users track employee engagement

The price tag is reportedly upwards of $500 million – hefty. Microsoft is continuing to back LinkedIn as an independent service and the timing is notable with the launch of their Talent Insights solution recently. Could this be the first steps towards the world’s first end-to-end recruitment solution?

How A.I. makes recruiting more human

Steven Jiang on how recruiting will become a symbiosis of human and machine, complementing each other’s strength. Read on to find out more.

Can a white guy lead your diversity & inclusion efforts?

We admit – the article title got us, and we are glad to report that the content didn’t disappoint. Lots of valid questions raised and it leaves us wondering about the ways we are going about managing the issues of D&I. What do you say?

Recognising the process of burning out, and how to prevent it

10/10 is World Mental Health Day and we shine the spotlight on burnouts. You are probably familiar with the signs of burning out but did you know there’s a process that you go through before you hit that wall? Click to find out what you can do as individuals to improve your mental health.

How to write a hiring plan that you (and investors) believe

Hiring key roles is difficult and it can make or break your startup. You know it and your investors know too. Here are some tips on how you can write a solid hiring plan.

Mixed sourcing: what is it, and will it work for my team?

An alternative solution to increasing the capacity for your IT team. We see a potential problem with IP ownership and asset rights but if you are able to get that legal bit sorted, this could be a viable option to explore.

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