This Week in Talent (11 Feb)

This week we learn from the Head of TA at Sanofi (Asia) the five skills set recruiters need to acquire in order to become valued business partners, what we can do to enhance our emotional self-control and become better leaders, 11 questions you should ask when doing reference checks, and more!

What recruiters need: Skills and capabilities of the future

“Recruiters need to move away from looking at recruitment as a process and start viewing it as the human experience it is,” says Phuong Huynh, Head of TA at Sanofi (Asia). She shares the five skill sets that recruiters should acquire in order to take on this broader role, click to learn more.

Emotional self-control: The EI competency that affects everything

Fascinating article exploring the foundations of emotional self-control and the brain science behind it. We experience different situations everyday that triggers a wide range of emotions that could hijack our capacity to guide our behaviours and be good leaders; which could lead to toxic interactions if one gets bowled over by their emotions. Have a read and learn what you can do to avoid that.

12 highlights from our 2020 research

Excellent infographic from the folks at McKinsey Global Institute showcasing the 12 most important trends that are changing the global economy and the impact they have on lives and livelihoods. Check it out and learn how these could affect the future workforce.

11 questions you should ask when doing reference checks

How can you avoid ending up with the contact info for the prospective hire’s BFF, who will invariably say the candidate is absolutely totally completely awesome? Here are some strategies to help you get your reference checks back on point.

Why your company should have a data-driven recruitment strategy

Post and spray is long dead and this is even more apparent so with the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. This article is more than just a bunch of reasons why data is key to your future recruiting success; learn how you should go about it and find out how you can eliminate bias and make diversity and inclusion as part of your hiring process.

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