This Week in Talent (11 Apr)

This week we find out why you should be sharing your salary ranges, the five elements of a successful bot strategy, what you can do with your body language to boost feelings of confidence and more, check ’em out!
Enjoy these musings!

4 reasons it pays to share salary ranges, according to companies that do

Getting money out of the way allows you to explore other things like your candidate’s soft skills or motivations during the interviews. Need more convincing? Click to read more.

5 elements of a successful bot strategy

Are you looking at implementing a chat bot into your TA process? Check out this article first to find out what you need to be looking out and preparing for.

Business needs a ‘humanity’​ lesson not just a technology one

Friend-of-ATC Gareth Flynn shares some of his favourite quotes from the speakers at a conference he attended recently. If you ever need reminder that good HR/TA is about focusing on the human elements and not all AI/technology, this is it. Read and bookmark this.

5 things you can learn about body language from the second most popular TEDtalk of all time

This TEDTalk was released way back in 2012 but is still very relevant today (which probably explains its enduring popularity). Speaker Amy Cuddy talks about what you can do to boost feelings of confidence and here’s a summary of the best ones you can apply at work or in life.

Working together when we’re not together

Google spent two years researching what makes a great remote team and they found these three things – get to know each other as people, set boundaries and forge in-person & virtual connections. Good read for anyone who is hiring and looking to understand the psyche of remote workers.

This Australian company gives employees 12 weeks of “life leave” every year

Yes, we know not all businesses can afford this, nor is it suitable for everyone. But there are some good lessons to learn from this initiative. Have a read to find out more.

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