This Week in Talent (10 May)

This week we explore a free online training course for building capability around cultural diversity in the workplace, how NOT TO scare junior developers away, more sourcing tools, the myths surrounding GDPR, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

Cultural competence program

This is an online training course aimed at building capability around cultural diversity in the workplace. Features engaging multimedia learning modules and a wealth of resources.

Need women applicants? Why micro-targeting women triggers more to apply

Providing these four key information in your job postings can increase the likelihood for women to apply. Do you agree? Have you tried this before? Let us know!

Sourcing tools and how to combine them – Part 1

We can never get enough of sourcing tools and here’s another list of them. Guess what, this is only Part 1, yes, there will be another one coming!

How to write the perfect job spec for junior developer roles

Well written piece on how NOT TO scare junior developers away. General principles are applicable across industries – a good read even if you are not hiring in the tech space.

How to influence people through different content formats

Following his gem of an article on how typography influences readers, Jan Tegze is back with another – this time exploring the use of different content formats to reach your audience. Great read.

Top 7 myths about GDPR busted

Think GDPR won’t apply to your organisation just because it is not based in EU? Think again. That, and more, in this GDPR myth-busting article.

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