This Week in Talent (1 Aug)

Here’s what we found for you this week – how we can get better at managing high volume recruiting, a discussion on the ethical conundrum surrounding AI and a set of standards we can use in Talent Acquisition, checking in on the Net Promoter Score, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

Are we sleepwalking on the dangers of artificial intelligence?

AI offers huge promise, but without proper regulation it has dangerous potential. Good article reminding us the need for a better way to manage AI technologies. Perhaps a set of ethical standards is required? Have a read and ponder.

Why Net Promoter Score is past its prime

As Kevin Wheeler mentioned during the recent ATC2019, good metrics are measures that are based on relationships, trust and actual candidate behaviours. Have a read here to see why the NPS no longer fits the bill.

What is an “Employee Bench” and why is it killing your business?

Two thoughts worth considering in this article: 1) having an agile workforce is more important now than ever before; and 2) the sharing economy (i.e. contractors etc.) is nothing new in the corporate world, but, could this be the catalyst for a complete change?

7 ways to improve your high-volume recruiting strategy

If you are always inundated with high volume of applicants, this is worth a read. Some useful tips and strategies in here.

Did you apply for Google CEO’s job on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn brushed this off as a security bug and issued a warning against posting fraudulent job postings. We thought this was LOL, check it out. 🤣

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