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Blogging has evolved extensively since it became a popular medium for industry professionals to share their knowledge. We are no longer be spending hours refining HMTL or CSS codes to ensure our content displays correctly on our blogs. These menial tasks have been taken away by platforms like WordPress, LinkedIn and Medium.
What has resulted is an explosion of the amount of content online. Anyone can now publish content but many struggle to stand out from the competition and from the weight of knowledge that is available out there.
But whilst we can debate the pros and cons of the shift blogging has taken, one thing’s clear. Anyone still out there writing and attracting positive reviews has to be really good at what they do. We have rounded them up, for your perusing pleasure.

Ross Clennett, Ross Clennett Blog (Australia)

Ross Clennett is a recruitment advisor with extensive experience on both sides of the ditch and a sack of awards to boot. He’s survived fifteen years in the vicious world of blogging and he’s still going strong, so if you want a local recruiter with an international mindset, look no further.

Tony Wallace, LinkedIn (Australia)

Tony Wallace is a LinkedIn prolific, and you can see for yourself just by looking at his post history. He’s worked in infrastructure, policy, and educational sectors, so if you are in those fields and looking to sharpen your recruiting skills with insight from a master, he is your man.

Trevor Vas, ATC Blog (Australia)

With more than 20 years of Talent Acquisition (TA) experience across multiple continents on his back, and as the showrunner for the largest internal TA conference in Australasia (ATC2018), it is safe to say Trevor knows a fair bit about this space. He is also a prolific blogger, and no matter who you are in the industry, his 12 pages worth of articles will have something relevant for you.

Mark Pearce, Mark Pearce Strategic Recruitment Blog (Australia)

Mark Pearce is a recruiter, yes, but he also wants to make sure that the people he is recruiting are the best they can be. His blog has deep dives into what the title suggests, strategic recruitment, but he has also got a wealth of stuff on resume writing, interview prep, and sundry career advice.

Greg Savage, The Savage Truth (Australia)

Greg Savage founded four businesses in the recruitment space, so you can safely assume he knows what he is on about. His blog is a double feature with regular shortform, easily digestible YouTube updates, so no matter your learning style, Greg’s got you covered.

Shannon Pritchett, Sourcecon (US)

Needing probably no introduction, Shannon Pritchett might be a bit of a cheeky addition, given she runs one of the biggest multi-author blogs out there as editor-in-chief of SourceCon, but we love her, and we love her work, so in the list she goes. In case you do need an introduction, she’s also runs one of the biggest Talent conferences in the entire world, which is also coincidentally named SourceCon, so, get reading.

Matt Charney, Snark Attack (US)

Snark Attack is Matt Charney’s personal tech-focused crystal ball. His background in HR tech means he’s the person to ask if you want what’s new, now, and next in the world of recruitment technology. With a no holds barred attitude and a snarky sense of humour (hence the name of his blog we assume), Matt’s articles educate as much as they entertain.

Lars Schmidt, Fast Company | Forbes (US)

Lars Schmidt writes regular columns for Fast Company and Forbes exploring the future of work and the intersection between Talent, culture, brand and technology. He also co-founded HROS, a not-for-profit, knowledge sharing website that offers free HR resources. Lars has the experience, the heart and the extra pearls of wisdom to impart, so get reading.

David Green, LinkedIn (UK)

A prolific sharer and contributor in the People Analytics space. David Green also speaks extensively around the world on this topic, on data-driven HR and the future of work. His written back catalogue is no less impressive, breaking down his speeches for those not lucky enough to attend. It’s basically a free course in the industry.

Katrina Collier, The Searchologist (UK)

Katrina Collier is well-known all over the world as a keen recruiter with an eye for detail in social media and everything you need to know in the digital frontier of sourcing for the 21st century.

Chris Morrow, LinkedIn (UK)

Chris Morrow’s bag is digital recruitment, but what you’ll want to follow him for is the more introspective stuff. Is recruitment even a thing? If it is, where’s it going? How do we plan for the future in such a changeable field? Chris might not have all the answers, but he has some pretty stellar insights.

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