Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Attending a conference requires careful consideration.  In my experience as an event designer and organiser, it’s rare that someone is waiting for my email or call and replies with “thanks for the information, I will definitely attend -here are my credit card details”.
Even if the person making the decision has both the budget and the authority to sign off the expenditure, they still need to consider the cost of the event and importantly the cost of the team’s time out of the office.
Here at ATC Events, we respect every purchase made, and so it’s very important we understand our clients reasons for buying. The more specific the reason for attending, the better it is for us.   Why?  If we know what the clients really want, we can satisfy or exceed their expectations.
The typical considerations for Internal Recruitment functions, when deciding on attending a conference  (including #SST2014 in MelbourneSydney or Auckland ) tend to include whether or not the event will:

  • Increase or enhance the skills of the candidate sourcing team to enable them to provide a higher level of service to the business or their clients;
  • Gain new skills in the area of candidate engagement, including content development to aid in the attraction of candidates to their organisation;
  • Gain skills that can be readily leveraged across a recruitment team to make it more productive;
  • Re-invent their recruitment team to make it more market and future oriented;
  • Meet subject matter experts and exchange ideas to develop solutions; and
  • Network with peers and understand what’s happening broadly in the market.

Forward thinking recruitment agents attending  our events want their team to:

  • Gain new skills so that the Recruitment Agent can win more work and work that are of a higher quality;
  • Validate the direction of the market to understand what new services are required.

Our promise to you  is that we WILL satisfy the business requirements outlined.
Please let us know if you have additional requirements.  There are may be some requirements we will not be able to meet but I assure you as Director of WOW, we will make every endeavor to create a valuable and enjoyable experience that is of organisational and personal benefit!
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Join Trevor at the upcoming ATC Events sourcing conference Sourcing.Social.Talent #SST2014 in Novemeber. You can attend the conference in MelbourneSydney or Auckland

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