So Just How Has The ‘No Job Board Postings’ Approach Worked For Zappos?

Last year, Zappos announced they would no longer post job ads, but instead rely on their ‘Zappos Insider’ program focusing on candidate engagement.  The announcement itself could be seen as a brilliant marketing move, as the recruitment social media spin doctors took a collective breath-take and then started blogging.  Mike Bailen, former Head of Talent at Zappos Family of Companies, explained the rationale in this article “What? No Job Postings?!?”
So just how successful is this ‘no job postings’ approach?  What did Zappos replace it with and how exactly do they attract suitable candidates for their job vacancies?
Mike Bailen
You can find out first hand at the ATC 2015 where our keynote Mike Bailen, Director of Recruiting at Eventbrite, and former Head of Talent at Zappos, will provide insights into Zappos new candidate attraction strategy, explain the rationale, and provide an update of what has worked and what, if anything, they might have done differently with the value of hindsight.
This year’s ATC theme “Recruitment is Marketing” is all about effective and creative candidate attraction.  We have a great line up of speakers including:

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