Slow Dancing and Partnering

Well, my last blog certainly got the juices flowing. My most shared, read, and commented blog post to date. Interesting isn’t it, how those blogs that challenge and are critical generate the most noise. So it will be interesting to see just how much traction this blog receives.
Firstly, thank you to the people who I have worked with who have reached out to me in support of my article as controversial as it was for them, they understood where I was coming from. For those I don’t know that also made positive and or constructive comments. Thank you.
My detractors will say I’m flip flopping, back tracking and trying to smooth the waters. Sadly for you this is not the case, as there was always going to be a follow up blog. As upsetting as this might be to you, I have great relationships with our suppliers. Some of those relationships have become long term business relationships or transitioned to great friendships.
slow dance 2For me it all starts with a slow dance. A simple call, an introduction, and a little rapport building. A date is set for a follow up call. In between I might receive some value add information (no not a speculative CV), a comment on a post, even sharing a post with me, or perhaps some banter on my football team. As yet, no request for a job to work on.
We meet, talk about me, talk about you, talk about recruitment in general. Still no job talk. Still slow dancing. In the mean-time we get interrupted mid dance. Someone has cut in, bumped the turntables, and the tempo changes. They have not listened to your process, or built rapport. They slide in for an unwelcoming caress. They are moved on. The tempo returns to its beat to before the interruption. After some sweet talking aka negotiating we seal the deal with a bow and or curtsey.
It’s a long dance. There are many interruptions and stumbles along the journey. You learn, I learn, we learn. But what I provide is exclusivity, I’ll fight the cause and protect your rights as you protect ours. Just ask any one of our handful of suppliers as to how many contingent roles go unfilled. At times, yes, I do need to find another partner. Occasionally we need to rest from one another as the music keeps playing and the dancing must go on.
We try different dances, sometimes we succeed, sometime we fail, but we move on and grow together. This can be said of one of our existing suppliers. Many a client will have walked away, but we have persisted through mutual respect and honesty and remain on the dance floor. One goal in mind, for all parties to succeed.
One constant throughout this relationship is the dancing partners. Rarely do they change, so as the tempo and songs change, the rhythm and synchronisation remains.
And for those that I might not do business with, those who I regard as great service providers are usually referred candidates who approach me through my network.
So here’s a shout out to those who I would partner with any day as I have worked with them in the past or currently:
Industrial Recruitment Partners – Resourcing (WA)
Scotford & Fennesy – (WA)
ProjectHR – (WA)
Staite Henningsen Klein (AsiaPac – Professional & Executive)
Wright Executive (NSW) – Accounting & Finance (Professional)
In Person Consulting (NSW) – Transport Road & Rail (Professional)
Professional Search Group (WA) – Professional
Hudson – IT (WA) – Professional
There are many more individuals, but that list will grow too long. Do I agree with the terms and conditions they might have, no. But they have great people, who provide fantastic service which goes a long way in the long dance.
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