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I love playing games.  As a child I was a very bad sleeper and I used to wake my mother with the question, “can we please go in the big room and play?”
At one in the morning this did not go down well and often ended in a slap for me, but hey I got feedback and an outcome – what a great game!
I can say with conviction that I am a huge fan of using gamification in attracting and assessing candidates; I believe it is the future of recruitment.  I am fascinated by all the different aspects of gamification; the areas of assessment, the audience they are targeting and importantly how engaging the games are to candidates.
We at the ATC have been banging on about this since our 2011 Conference.  I am a little surprised and very disappointed that gamification has not advanced a lot further than I believe it has (would love you to send me examples of amazing uses of gamification).
I agree with Michael Tanembaum when he says that the true power of gamified recruitment is in helping you convert eyeballs on your job ad to “active applicants in your pipeline”.  The driving theme of this year’s ATC2015 Conference Recruitment is Marketing, is looking at using the traditional tools of marketing to enhance the success of the traditional recruitment process. A key driver towards this model is the increased importance of candidate care in an age where your candidates and customers are one and the same. This is an area where a gamified application and assessment process can become a powerful tool that leaves every applicant, regardless in the outcome of their application, with a positive experience. You can read a quick roundup of a few of my favourite gamified career sites here.
For those of you who want to learn more about how to improve your assessment and attraction strategy with gamification don’t miss out on Prue Laurence and Inarai Saarinen’s half day pre-conference workshop on Turning Assessment into Attraction and Engagement.
Until then, from the big room
Trevor Vas, Director, ATC Events
P.S Additionally, Telstra will be presenting their case study on the process and results of their employee attraction initiative Jobjam -a simple digital game available as an app or played online, at the ATC. If you have a spare few minutes, I highly recommend checking it out

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