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Trevor Vas, talks to Thales‘ Resrouces Business Partner, and upcoming MC of the Sourcing.Social.Talent event, Jo Dellicott on her work, the challenges of recruitment, and what she hopes to learn from #SST2014.
TV: Jo, we’re looking forward to you MCing the Sydney event. Just wondering if you’d tell us about your current position?
JD: I’m looking forward to the event Trevor. I’m currently the Resourcing Business Partner at Thales, where we’re constantly on the look out of technical leaders.
TV: Jo, I always hear people get this wrong, but how do you pronounce Thales?
JD: *laughing* TAL-ICE !
TV: *laughing* well ok then. So Jo, as a resourcing business partner, what is your biggest challenge?
JD: My biggest challenge,  well, like many many in our industry, it’s finding qualified people at the right time.
TV: How important is the right time in your industry?
JD: Very important. You’re no use to me if the project has already started.
TV: Jo, as a result of the conference, what are the things you’re trying to gain – what are the key takeaways you’re looking for?
JD: My team and I are looking to improve our sourcing skills beyond Linkedin as well as getting a handle on how to better use social media?
TV: Why is improving your use of social media so important?
JD. We are using social media to improve our brand, so people know who we are, what we do, and how to pronounce our name. My team and I want to learn how we can start doing this more effectively.
TV: Jo, is there anyone in particular you’re wanting to meet, and network with at the event?
JD: Anyone but Martin! I actually can’t wait to meet the American speakers. I’m really looking forward to Matt Charney’s session on ‘Using your blog to tell a story’. Telling the story of your company is the biggest challenge these days, so I’ll make sure my team are taking lots of notes.
 TV: Thanks Jo, looking forward to seeing you at the event.
Featured Session: Matt Charney: Using Your Blog To Tell A Story.
Matt Charney
This session will cover best practices for content creation, marketing & messaging for HR and recruiting professionals. By focusing on narrative, tone, style and storytelling techniques leveraged by both Hollywood and Madison Avenue, this session will show you how to transform your communication approach for creating engaging, compelling and relevant content for candidates, employees and the 
You can join Jo and Matt at Sourcing.Social.Talent #SST2014 in November. Register now for the event in SydneyMelbourne or Auckland .

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