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If A Tree Falls In The Woods….

This week is all about metrics for recruitment.  Why? Because metrics matter.  You don’t have to report on all your metrics, but implementing enabling mechanisms to track and monitor your recruitment metrics will give you an opportunity to gain insight:  to identify potential problems; to create opportunities for improvement; and to identify what is working well.  Most importantly, using the right metrics to the right audience can help you make sound decisions.
Dr John Sullivan understands the power of metrics, stating in his article titled “Top 15 Design Principles for Talent Metrics and Analytics”, that shifting to a data-driven model allows you “to demonstrate your business impacts”.  He draws from his 30 years of expertise to share how to design a metrics model that will have the most impact.
We also hear from Prue Laurence as she encourages us to rethink the meaning of ‘average’ as it relates to interpreting psychometric test results; Ian Wood discusses the notion of measuring ‘Source of Quality Candidates’ as opposed to measuring source of hire, and Jenni Nelson shares some thoughts about lead and lag metrics.
At this year’s ATC we have two breakout sessions tackling metrics. Ian Wood will show delegates how to design, implement and manage tangible lead and lag metrics that will help them identify upcoming problems, create quality outcomes, and ensure ongoing executive support for talent management initiatives. There will also be a breakout debate on whether or not organisations need metrics to measure diversity, facilitated by Amy Cato.
Come learn how to take notice if that tree falls in the woods.
Trevor Vas, Director, ATC Events
PS- I’ll be running a webinar on cost per hire and whether or not it’s a valuable metric on Thursday the 12th of March.  I’ll be joined by Duncan MacKay, National Manager Recruiting and Resources at Superpartners and Chris McDonald Senior Director at Indeed. You can sign up to join us in this discussion here.

—- Metrics—-

Jenni Nelson- 5 Reasons Corporate Recruiters Lag On Lead Metrics
Prue Laurence – Just Another Average Blog
Dr John Sullivan- 15 Design Principles for Talent Metrics
Ian Wood – Source of Applications… Source of Hires… Or Should It Be Something Else?
Eleanor Dallaway- From  The Olympics To Recruitment: Why Data Can’t Replace Human Interpretation
Dan Nuroo – For Metrics Sake
Trevor Vas- Why Quality Of Hire Is So Hard To Measure and  How Long Is A Piece Of String
ATC – Mobile Recruiting: How To Make An Impact
Chris Hoyt- Interview with Chris from #ERE 
Danielle Tricarico- How Moneyball Recruiting Can Lift Your Game On Diversity 
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