Introducing the ATC Squad!

Gathering bright minds and individuals who are doing good things in Talent Acquisition (TA) and bringing them together in one place – introducing the ATC Squad!

So, what is the ATC Squad?

The Squad is a group of people working in the TA space and we have gotten them together to harness their skills and thoughts on how we make our industry a better place.
Check them out:

In addition to looking at ways to improve how we source and hire people, the ATC Squad also aims to represent your voices so that we, at ATC, continue to produce content and events that are relevant and helpful to you.
So feel free reach out and connect with them, they are always up for a good conversation and catching up fellow industry practitioners!

Stan Rolfe
CEO at Nect Inc. & Sifu at Qi Talent Solutions

Rec Tech pundit, who brings the benefits of yin (people) and yang (technology) together to form a efficient, productive and harmonious environment across all things talent. Also loves to blog for ATC, drink, laugh and be merry.

Ruby Lee
Head of Recruitment at Cogent

Ruby is the Head of Recruitment at Cogent and the Founder of The Careers Emporium. With over 10 years of recruitment experience, she continues to work closely with employers to find great talent, and work with talent to find amazing employers.

Simon Townsend
Principal Consultant at twelve2

Simon Townsend is a Human Centred Design professional who specialises in Human Capital. Simon draws on almost a decade of innovation management experience to help organisations create change that people accept.

Shane Gray
SVP Global Business Development at Clinch

A veteran of technology business development and strategy with the uncanny ability to distill a complex issue into something that is clearly understandable, Shane has helped numerous businesses meet their recruitment objectives and grow.


Talent Acquisition (TA) is on the cusp of a new wave of innovation and the 12th Australasian Talent Conference will be shining the light brightly on it – say hi to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Find out more.

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