Google Hire bites the dust

Google has announced that it will be shutting down Google Hire in September 2020 in a support article on the Hire website.
Launched to quite some fanfare two years ago, the tool was anticipated to be the next big thing to challenge the established order in the ATS technology platform space. Sadly it wasn’t to be, with the official reason for sunsetting the product being a decision to refocus “resources on other products in the Google Cloud portfolio”.
Hire was built on the technology that Google acquired from startup Bebop in 2015, where Diane Greene was the cofounder. As result of the takeover, she came on board to head Google’s Cloud division, a position she held until November 2018. Greene left Google completely earlier this year.
So perhaps this is all not too surprising at all, given the departure of the leader who had driven this product since it’s beginning.
Too bad for us all in Australia who never got to try the product proper.
Any thoughts on Google Hire’s demise? Was it wholly expected or a surprise? We’d love to hear more, share your thoughts in the comments section below. 👇

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One Response to “Google Hire bites the dust”

  1. Syed Imtiaz

    Hire was certainly expected to be “the next big thing” in TA tech landscape, giving hard time to the rivals l8ke Dynamics and old players. But I think being everywhere didn’t work this time. A few customers I know were quite happy with the sleek layout and integration with Google suite. It’s a wake up call to the companies not to go for long term service agreements in tech services, as things are changing very fast.


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