Gaining Control of your Total Workforce at Contingent Workforce Conference 2017

It’s been called the holy grail of recruitment, the high road to success.
Many organisations have tried to formulate a strategy for identifying an optimised workforce but few have succeeded. That’s what the upcoming Contingent Workforce Conference 2017 (CWF2017) is aiming to help delegates achieve.
Gaining total control of the workforce has been regularly cited as the top priority for senior management and the ability to analyse, forecast and plan a recruitment process that ensure the organisation has the right Talent in the right places at the right time and price to execute its business strategies is a much-sought after skill.
However, with today’s workforce as heterogeneous as never before, many organisations are struggling to understand who to hire and what their ideal workforce composition should be.
“In the past we had predominantly permanent, part-time and contractor-type workers,” says Trevor Vas, director of ATC Events & Media. “Now we see a variety of contingent workers such as gig, consultant, fixed-term, sub-contractors and Labour Hire staff amongst the mix and many organisations are struggling to find a good blend within their workforce.”
With the Australian contingent workforce set to increase year-on-year, this represents a significant number of Talent who are adopting the on-demand route and it calls for a massive rethink of how recruiters engage, attract and manage these people.
Alongside this conundrum is the rising trend of automation, which further complicates the situation by allowing contingent workers to connect to employers easily and bypass traditional employment processes. HR technology companies such as WePloy and Nvoi spring to mind when we think of platforms that facilitate these exchanges.
With a regulatory landscape that is still trying to catch up with the latest developments in the contingent space and the traditional definition of an employee blurring continuously, organisations are struggling to find the right mix that will give them most agility at the least costs, while staying on the right side of the law.
The two-day CWF2017 will discuss these issues and include a variety of sessions focused on different aspects of managing a contingent workforce, such as regulatory frameworks, diversity best practices, and procurement strategies. It will also showcase successful case studies and the latest technologies in the contingent space.
Check out some of the speakers:

Julian Banks, Talent Acquisition Leader – Transformation & Contingent Workforce, Lion
“Lion’s Journey Down the Contingent Workforce Highway”

Deb Jackson, Head of Talent Acquisition, Transurban
“Hindsight 20/20 Q&A with Deb Jackson”

Nathan Delbridge, Contingent Workforce Team Manager, KPMG Australia
“Creating a Contingent Workforce Strategy”

Eleena Tan, Co-Founder & Director, BrandWorks
“Attracting Talent & Gaining Productivity Using Flexibility & Freedom”

Special ticket price available for internal delegates. Team discounts are also available. Contact the ATC team to find out more!
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Join us at the upcoming Contingent Workforce Conference to learn more about how you can establish the control you need to make your Contingent Workforce function a success. Tickets available here.

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