Facebook “Jobs Near You” hits Australia

Earlier today I was checking through Facebook on my phone and noticed this — see picture 1.

Facebook "Jobs Near You" Picture 1
Picture 1

Facebook is now serving up “Jobs Near You” in my personal feed (OH and yes, Eagles picked up another four premiership points on the weekend!)
Obviously this notification justified me exploring this new feature further and here are a few more screenshots from this app.
When you click on an advertisement this is what it looks like — see picture 2.
Facebook Jobs For You Picture 2
Picture 2

There is quite a bit of detail and an opportunity for screening questions in the advertisement. If you click the apply button, it pulls on your Facebook profile for data to apply with. Based on my experience here in Australia, I doubt very much this would be updated like your LinkedIn profile might be.
Then there is all the other considerations such as how secure is my profile and data? Are they vetting and accessing my personal profile through my application?
Most of the roles appear to be non-professional, higher volume type roles being advertised. NO, I did not apply for the Coaching Directors gig, although I’d probably get the gig as I do more backflips than Jack Darling on the footy field.
Not only can you apply for jobs and manage your application on your phone, but you can post jobs too! See picture 3.
Facebook Jobs For You Picture 3
Picture 3

After posting this to various networks, it would appear that it is being released slowly as no one else had yet seen this.
I do like what I see, but the problem will be the sh*te stigma associated with all things Facebook, Privacy and Data Security. It will be really interesting to see how successful this is here in Australia.
What I like is the ability to better target demographics and location. It is easy on the eye, and simple to use on your phone.
What do you think? Will Facebook’s “Job Near You” take off here in Australia, or, will it go the way of Monster?

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