Change is Constant – What are you doing to Keep Up?

As George Bernard Shaw stated, “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.
I had some down time recently after my knee surgery to reflect on my career as a recruiter and the state of the Talent acquisition and management scene and it struck me how much the recruitment space had changed and the profession had evolved. New practices have been created and the number of recruitment technologies in the market have increased exponentially. It is now almost unrecognisable from when I started my career.
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I remember the time when organisations usually held the upper hand when it came to Talent acquisition and there was little emphasis on ensuring a smooth application process or candidate care. This is no longer the case as candidates now have multiple platforms to express their opinions on the hiring process and this has led to a greater emphasis on candidate experience. Sites like SEEK’s Company Profiles, Glass Door and the Talent Board, all show the power of candidate advocacy, both positive and negative. The Humane Recruiter comes to the fore and it is now about being authentic, responsive and providing candidates with an engaging and smooth hiring experience.
The burst of technological innovations in the recruitment space has also been quite spectacular. We have gone from job boards to ATS-es to social media and now, we are looking at automation and artificial intelligence. The use of chat bots such as Mya, Arya and Olivia are becoming increasingly prevalent and they allow you to move your recruitment team into talent management and offer a better service to candidates. This is far cry from when I first started my recruitment career when I had to spend a lot of time manually sifting through huge numbers of applications.

ATC2017 agenda at a glance.

Another thing that struck me is how the notion of work has changed. Talent is now scattered around the globe and the distribution of work has moved away from regular employees to a mix of part-time, temporary, contract and consultant workers. It is expected that by 2020, this non-permanent, or gig workforce, will comprise between 40-50 percent of the total workforce. This is changing the structure of organisations, big and small, and it is altering the way we recruits and manage talent.

It is clear that what used to work for a recruiter may not work anymore and it is important to continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge in order to stay relevant and competitive. I have always been a champion of continuous learning and I believe the constant sharpening of our recruiting toolbox is the way to go if we want to improve the way we recruit and manage Talent.
This is also the reason we started the ATC 10 years ago. Each year, we aim to bring you the latest trends and technologies and share the best knowledge that will help you do your job better. This year’s edition is no different and you can look forward to learning more about some of the above-mentioned trends during the event. Some of the highlights include:

  • “Cult of Work” by Todd Wheatland (Global head of Strategy for King Content), who will talk about authentic branding and how you can take an inside out approach to appeal to the best candidates for your organisation;
  • “#leadthechange” by Carol Corzo (Inclusion Manager at Bupa ANZ) will take us through the concept of the Humane Recruiter and how Bupa is humanising recruitment.
  • “Enhancing Candidate Experience and Brand Attachment” by Sue Langley (CEO & Founder of Langley Group), who will share some principles from neuroscience and positive psychology and how you can apply them to the hiring process effectively;
  • This year’s “Innovation Lab” will feature 10 participants with new solutions that could well be the next LinkedIn. Be sure to check them out;
  • “Re-designing the Role of Recruitment in a Talent-Centric Way” by Rebecca Houghton (Group Manager, Resourcing & Careers at Australia Post) will discuss Australia Post’s brave new recruitment model for the future;
  • “Changing the game in attracting Specialist Talent” by Liz Waldock (Head of Talent at Sportsbet) will take us through their Most Valuable Player strategy of creating new rules and looking at the candidate proposition differently.

How we respond to changes in life and in your career are keys to future successes. Don’t wait till it’s too late! See you at the ATC2017.
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