How can You Get the Most Out of Your Next Recruitment Conference

It’s the second half of the year and things are starting to heat up in the recruitment conference scene again. You might have already signed up for one of these conferences to enhance your skills, gain new insights technology, or meet and network with peers. We understand that most delegates, are excited, and want to maximise the ROI of attending an event.
So here are some tips and strategies on how to  get the most out of it and more importantly have fun, during recruitment conferences.

Do your research

Read the conference agenda and make a note of the people you would like to meet and set yourself some learning objectives.  This will ensure you move towards this goal and it’s a great way of showing your executive the value you plan and or have gained.

Make time for breakscoffeebreak

Feel free to get some fresh air and consolidate your thoughts. Contextualising the ideas you gain in terms of your organisation is KING or QUEEN.  Many people do not really do this to a point where they rule ideas in or out based on new information.

Talk to those around you

You didn’t just stumble in off the street and decide this is a great place to sit down for a while. Most conferences rarely start on time anyway, so as you are all sitting eager to get the ball rolling, have a chat to those around you. You never know who might be sitting next to you. It could be the person who has a solution to your current talent onboarding problem, or in retrospect that person could be your next employee.
It never hurts to turn your head and say ‘hello, I’m … from …, nice to meet you’. It just might be the best thing you have ever done.
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Set yourself a goal

Prioritise and make a list of goals or key learnings/takeaways that you want to achieve from the conference. Be clear about them and look for the relevant keynote or discussion sessions that will help you get there. Remember it is impossible to see everything and you need to be strategic. Checking out the conference agenda prior to the conference would be a good way to start.

Networking, networking, networkingNetworking

Most conferences will provide you a list of delegates.  Indeed, most conference Apps will enable you to connect and message other delegates and speakers.  This ensures that you will gain contacts that will be useful to you in the future/

Look out for the parties

Most vendors will be having a get together with drinks and food. The ideas that are exchanged at these fun gatherings can be as important as the information presented in the sessions.
Have anything else to add? Feel free to include them in the comment section below. Otherwise we will see you at the next recruitment conference!
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