Can Assessment Tools Be Part of Your Candidate Attraction Strategy?

Are your online assessment tools fun and engaging?  Or are they a set of hoops to jump through, turning candidates off?
 Can assessment tools be part of your candidate attraction strategy?
In our ATC2015 pre-conference workshop, “Turning Assessment into Attraction and Engagement”, Prue Laurence, Managing Director, cut-e Australia, will explore this theme through a real-life case study at Sunglass Hut.  Find out how Sunglass Hut introduced an efficient screening process to engage candidates and give them an authentic experience of the organisation, their culture and their brand.
In this interactive workshop we will cover how to:

  • Make assessments part of your attraction strategy
  • Use gamification effectively
  • Find the most culturally aligned candidates
  • Introduce assessments that encourage diversity
  • Get real and measurable ROI from your assessments.

This workshop is one of five, 3 ½ hour workshops scheduled to run the day prior to our ATC2015.  Other topics include:

  • “Honest Marketing the Organisation to Attract the Right Talent”, delivered by Master Burnett, BraveNewTalent
  • “Social Media for Recruitment: Keeping it Legal”, delivered by Nicholas Duggal, Partner, Tresscox Lawyers
  • “Building a Cult Brand from the Inside Out”, delivered by Todd Wheatland, Head of Strategy, King Content; and Bill Boorman, Founder #tru Unconferences
  • “Attracting and Recruiting People with Disabilities”, delivered by Amy Cato, Managing Director, Executive Women Shortlists; and Emma Gee, Inspirational Speaker

We are very excited about our pre-conference workshops and believe you will come away with practical tactics to make a difference to your candidate attraction strategy.
You can register now here
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