Become an A.I. Future-Fit Recruiter in just 2 Days at ATC2018

Last week, a friend of mine who leads a global Talent function called and said “we need to meet for coffee. People at work are starting to talk A.I. and I know nothing.”
A coffee (read: wine), a conversation and a text full of links later, she’s ready to keep up with the conversation but not necessarily contribute to it, let alone lead it. She isn’t alone.
I speak to Talent leaders regularly as part of my work and the subject of Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., pops up frequently. The conversations are usually similar – we know it is going to take over some parts of our jobs, but we don’t know exactly what or when, nor do we know how we can set our teams up to take advantage of the technology.
These challenges are the very things we will address during next year’s Australasian Talent Conference (ATC). Themed Thriving with A.I. – The New Talent Skills You Need, ATC2018 aims to turn you into an A.I. future-fit recruiter.
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Firstly, we are going to help you lead, from a conversation through to an implementation project. Secondly, we are going to help you understand what your role as a human recruiter will look like post-A.I. and, best of all, workshop the hell out of those skills. In just two days, you will emerge locked, loaded and ready for the future.
Now into its 12th year, ATC is THE event for internal Talent teams and RPOs. It is where 500 of your peers meet, network, collaborate, learn and share their ideas, resources and knowledge. You will get the lowdown on what your peers are doing and how they are solving the issues they are facing. Then you can bring the relevant bits back to your organisations and roll them out in front of your awe-struck colleagues.

So, what exactly will you get from attending ATC2018?

 A comprehensive understanding of the A.I. Talent Function

We are going well beyond the “what is A.I.?” slidedeck. You can find that on Google. We will be looking at A.I. from the perspective of:

  • What A.I. recruiting tools are in the market and emerging;
  • What Talent problems they are solving;
  • Who is already using them;
  • What implementation looks like;
  • Whether we should trust and forge ahead or conduct experiments and tests;
  • How you can lead this change.
 Training to become an A.I. future-fit human recruiter

With 95 percent of companies incorporating some form of A.I. into their function within two years, the role of the human recruiter WILL change. It won’t disappear but aspects of it will be atomised. There will be less to do in some areas, but more to do in others.
Our goal for ATC2018 isn’t just to tell people what the focus of the ‘future recruiter’ will be, but also to provide hands-on workshops to help prepare you for what’s ahead.

  • Analyst: From Workforce Reporting to Workforce Analytics;
  • Sourcer 4.0: Hello A.I. enabled sourcing. Goodbye Boolean expert;
  • Advisor, Influencer, Coach, Storyteller: It’s the era of the Comms expert;
  • Marketer: Maximising Candidate Engagement and Conversion;
  • Design Thinker: Understanding Your Candidate’s Persona;
  • Personal Voice: Recruitment blogging, vlogging and everything in between;
  • Tech Implementer: Getting Technology Implementation right;
  • Strategist: The New Perm TA Model.
 Tech Tech and more Tech

The expo hall will be buzzing with all the latest, fresh-from-the-oven HR technologies. You will get to see them first-hand at both the Tech Demo Stage as well as in the HR Tech Innovation Lab Competition. Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director for Talent Tech Labs in the U.S. and mentor for a whopping 1,500 Talent start-ups around the globe, will be your A.I. Talent Tour Guide at ATC2018 to advise and help you navigate the complex A.I. tech labyrinth.

 500 Phone-a-Friends

ATC is a community full of vibrant personalities and minds ready to make an impact and help a mate out along the way. It is great for your own Talent pipeline and, who knows, maybe you will finally find that workplace soul mate you have been looking for.
So, are you ready to say hi to your new work mate – A.I.?
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Beat the queue and buy your tickets to ATC2018 today!

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