ATCHub Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2016

The value of recruitment agencies, candidate ghosting, broken Talent Acquisition models, judgement days and is LinkedIn worth the big investment? No, it’s not your usual Friday afternoon drinks and chat at the bar, it’s the subjects of some of our biggest articles this year chosen by you. And what better way to finish 2016 than to relive some of these content that totally rocked your world!
So without further ado, here are the ATCHub top 10 most read articles of 2016:

10. Goodbye Recruiter. Hello, Talent Professional.

by Nicola Barwell


9. 5 Tips to Recovering from a Redundancy

by Nathan Anderson


8. Don’t Put all Your Eggs in the LinkedIn Basket

by Will Staney


7. New LinkedIn Recruiter – Is it Worth the Big Bucks?

by Martin Warren


6. Ghosting: A Recruiter’s Nightmare

by Kelsey Sorensen


5. Today’s Talent Acquisition Model – We’ve Been Using Band-Aids to Fix a Broken Leg

by Jo Vohland


4. Judgement Day – Recruiters to Decline within 10 Years

by Stan Rolfe


3. 10 Ways to “Wow” your New Hires & Increase Employee Engagement

by Brent Pearson


2. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Recruiting Businesses are Making on Social Media

by Tony Restell


1. Recruitment Agencies – Are they a Rip-off?

by Stan Rolfe

ATCHub would like to express our appreciation to all our incredible contributors who’ve shared their expert insights and commentaries on our blog. A huge thank you to everyone and we look forward to reading more exciting content in 2017.
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