ATCHub Launches Job Board for Internal and Agency Recruiters

Here at the ATC Events, we are proud to say that we have built one of the best databases of recruiters and talent management specialists around Australia and New Zealand. This is in no small part due to our 15 years of experience operating in the recruitment and talent management space, organising conferences and workshops and sourcing talent for multinational corporations.
Sufficient to say, we have a great reach and today, we are happy to announce a new ATCHub Job Board that will help to further connect recruiters and talent management specialists with each other.
With over 5,000 monthly views for the ATCHub, the ATCHub Job Board will provide a rich source of quality Recruiters, Sourcers, Recruitment Marketers, Talent Acquisition Managers, RPO Staff, Agency Staff and other HR Staff who are interested in self-improvement to any prospective employer.
For a candidate working in recruitment or talent management, this is a great place to find that new challenge you are looking for.
The ATCHub Job Board is currently free to use as we would like to offer this as part of the ATCHub value add. Log on to to find out more.
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