ATC most read articles of 2019

The real reason why your Talent function suck, the latest Talent technologies that made waves at ATC2019, how leading brands are driving diversity & inclusion, what happens when we apply for jobs at some of the largest organisations in Australia – all these and more!

Check out some of the most popular content to grace our blog this year. If you missed them earlier, now is the perfect time to catch up.

And if you have read them before, what better way to cap off the year than to relive some of these favourites that totally rocked your world!

Here we go, the top 10 most read articles in 2019:

10: The real reason why your TA function’s performance suck

Are you trying to play big-boy with little to no resources? Maybe that’s why your TA function is not performing. Stan Rolfe explains more.

9: Get ready for a pitch-off – introducing ATC2019 Innovation Lab participants

Who’s solving what Talent problems? The most innovative start-ups in the Talent scene will pitch-off at the ATC2019 Innovation Lab. Find out more!

8: 3 questions to ask when choosing your next assessment provider

It’s easy to be dazzled by the promises that come along with gamified assessments. What should you be looking out for? Michelle Hancic shares more.

7: 7 Talent hunters discuss the TA metrics they use to measure success

It is impossible to keep track every metric out there and still have time to do recruiting. So what should we focus on? We ask some of your peers.

6: 7 Talent hunters share how they engage passive candidates

What works for one candidate may not work for another. We ask some of your peers to find out how they approach passive candidates – what do you think?

5. 5 Talent hunters share their number one tip for rejecting candidates

How can we reject candidates and motivate them at the same time? We spoke to some your peers to find out how they do it. Click to read more!

4. What you can learn from Bupa’s proactive Talent sourcing

A great job ad helps, but there will be times when a more proactive TA method is needed. Find out how Bupa is taking a custom approach to each vacancy.

3. How 5 leading brands are driving diversity & inclusion

Numerous studies have shown that workforce diversity & inclusivity drive company performance. Need actual examples? Regis Younan has some, check ’em out!

2. Why your organisation needs T-shaped people

What are “T-shaped” people? How can they add value to our organisations and, more importantly, how can we identify them? Jordan Baines shares more.

1. I applied for jobs at 6 mid-large organisations, here’s what I found

What happens when we apply for jobs at some of the largest organisations in Australia? Stan Rolfe did and here he shares a little more about his experience.

There you have it – the top 10 most read articles from our blog this year. Thank you so much to all our incredible contributors who have been so generous with their time and for sharing their knowledge with the community. Thank you to all you readers out there too for reading and sharing our content.

We look forward to bringing you more fresh and exciting content in 2020!

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