Are We Seeing Candidates As Customers Yet?

We live in a consumer driven world, where sales and marketing teams spend millions of dollars identifying, engaging and converting leads into happy loyal and even advocative customers. Not just once, but again and again and again. In our social media connected world, these teams understand the detrimental effect one bad experience can have on brand perception, and how that translates to the bottom line.
Yet, despite acknowledging the importance of candidates as being potential customers, not every organisation treats them as such.
Today on atchub, Gerry Crispin, candidate care advocate discusses why candidates aren’t yet customers, how that is changing, and what the educated customer/candidates of the future are going to expect from their recruitment experience.
If you’re looking to improve your candidate experience, take a look at the article by Prue Laurence who shares her tips on how a realistic job preview should be part of your strategy. You can also see what Sunglass Hut has done in this area to ensure their candidate experience is brand positive.

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Lucy Fisher – Gerry Crispin – Viewing Candidates As Educated Customers
Prue Laurence – Improving Your Candidate Experience With Assessment

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