A Look At What The New Year May Bring

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Kevin Wheeler
As hard as it is for me to believe, we are now heading into the 15th year of the new millennium. A lot has changed. In the year 2002 there was no LinkedIn or Facebook. They didn’t come along until 2002 and 2004. Print was still useful. Advertising agencies were important. Recruiting websites were just emerging. Applicant tracking systems were leading edge and exciting.
A recruiter’s life was one of paper; resumes, newspapers advertisements, and magazine ads, and telephones; cold calling leads and screening candidates.  Paper was still king. The telephone was queen.
So what does the future portend?
This is the issue I look at this week with my blog 2015- a year of much change. Also take a look at an article circulated yesterday by Jacob Greber on threat of automation and robots pose on the Australian job market.
In regards to the convergence of recruitment and marketing, take a look at therecent video campaign by UPS, which JT O’Donnell discusses in her article ‘UPS May Have Just Saved Millions In Recruiting Costs’. This heart filled video demonstrates how telling the right stories can not only raise awareness for what you’re directly promoting (in this case a holiday charity) but can be a powerful piece of employer branding, and reach candidates who may have never considered your organisation before. These are the sorts of topics we will cover in next year’s ATC- Recruitment Is Marketing, where we have speakers like expert storyteller Jonathan Crossfield, who will help you identify and tell stories that will help attract and recruit top talent. I’m so passionate about this conference, and hope you’ll come along to learn from the worlds leading advertising, marketing and recruitment minds.
For those of you reading who work for, or own, a small recruitment company with aims to grow, Ross Clennett maps out the issues that prevent many small agencies make it in the big leagues. Recruiters, also see Matt Charney interesting look at how HR ruins recruiting, in ‘Frenemies With Benefits’. 
To finish off, Greg Savage gives you one of my favourite article of the week in The Best Recruiter Party. Ever! I’d love to hear about your favourites.
One of my favourite Christmas memories is from back in the 70’s when I was working in Thailand. I was working, and went out to lunch one day and decided to buy an English paper and saw the headline: HAPPY CHRISTMAS. I was shocked as I had NO idea. Later that night I went out with another American, and Englishman and a Scottish girl (sounds like the intro to a joke) to celebrate at a bar. The bar owned felt sorry for us Christmas orphans and so gave us everything for free, which was a big deal when we made peanuts. Free beer and food = a Christmas miracle!
Finally, I wanted to share one of my favourite Christmas song performances, Bing Crosby with  David Bowie performing The Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth. Perhaps Trevor and I should do our own version….
Enjoy the holidays, I’ll be seeing you in March #humanyoyo
Stay safe,
Kevin Wheeler, Co-Director, ATC Events
PS. For those of you who missed it last week, be sure to take a look at the insightful whitepaper by Harrier, focusing on the gender landscape of Australia.
PSS. You can still download Montage’s Free eBook on improving you hiring success. It’s a great stocking filler for your recruitment friends. I’m giving Trevor 4.

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