4 Tools We Want to See in Google Hire

I’m hoping that Google Hire has an ATS that is ten times better than the current one we are using – says NO ONE ever. Why? It’s Google, that’s why.
For recruiters who have been anticipating Google’s next move following the launch of its Cloud Jobs API late last year, well, the wait is almost over. You might already be aware that the technology giant is currently testing its own jobs tool, Google Hire, and reports have said that it is very similar to the services provided by companies such as Greenhouse and Lever. This revelation also represents a direct challenge to the likes of LinkedIn, SEEK and Indeed (cue: somebody’s gonna be hurt real bad).
No official word has been released just yet, and you can only view the sign-in page currently, with the service restricted to a select group of companies. Does it just connect you to your candidates or does it allow you to make an offer? Does it do both? We don’t know. However, what we do know is we will be sorely disappointed if this is just another version of what already exist.
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So as we continue to hold our breath in anticipation of what would eventuate, we thought we would throw our hats into the mix and come up with a list of tools we want to see in Google Hire (besides an ATS or a job board because that’s just boring), based on current trends:

 A chat bot to help manage candidates

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Hire has a programme, or specifically a chat bot, that is able to help you manage all the job applications, contact and schedule interviews with candidates for you?
Automation and Artificial Intelligence are flavours of the month currently and there have been a lot of discussions on how these technologies, such as chat bots, can take over the more mundane parts of recruitment work and free time up for a recruiter to focus on other areas such as improving candidate experience.
As Shannon Pritchett mentioned during an interview with ATC Events & Media recently, the robots are coming and we need to learn to embrace them. It surely isn’t too farfetched to consider that Google may include a chat bot in Hire, is it?

 A function to build and manage talent communities

Stan Rolfe wrote in a recent article exploring the growth of talent communities in recent times and explained how they can be an effective resourcing option for hiring managers if set up correctly. Now we also know that Google has attempted to create a social network before, albeit the results were not exactly pretty, so we do know that the company has the technology for building a platform for communities, if not the nous.
But if Google is able to positively draw on past experiences they had with their failed attempt at challenging Facebook, narrow their focus down to the recruitment industry, coupled with their other widely used services such as Gmail and Google Docs, plus throw in some file-sharing and chat functionalities, we might just be looking at a potential big winner.

 An all-encompassing video interviewing platform

The world of work has morphed rapidly over the past decade. Recruiters used to be able to schedule specific time and place for that interview easily but with the rise of a global talent economy where talent is scattered around the globe, it is not always possible now. In addition, there is an added focus on human element where organisations are keen stand out from competition and bring their brands to life.
Having an all-encompassing video interviewing platform in Google Hire will go a long way to addressing these issues. Recruiters can use the tool to customise, create, edit and share video job ads and candidates can use the same platform to record their video interviews. Live interviews can be conducted easily too.
We know Google has experience with live video streaming services, such as Google HangOut and YouTube, so they do have the capabilities. Whether they would incorporate it into Google Hire is another matter, but we certainly hope they do, as this will help recruiters connect with their candidates more easily and improve the candidate experience further.

 An intelligent candidate recommendation engine

What if Google Hire can harness the power of the algorithms they already have to rank your candidates and shortlist eligible talent while simultaneously eliminate unqualified applicants based on the criteria that you’d set? That be awesome as it will help save so much time and allows you to focus your efforts on engaging and onboarding the best candidates.
Now imagine further – what if Google Hire can go beyond this and tap into a candidate’s personality and potential via sentiment analysis? Now that would be a game changer.
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It might be wishful thinking or, a case of too much too soon. Who knows, Google Hire might end up being a glorified version of an ATS or a job board.
However, this is Google we are talking about – the Internet behemoth that is dominating the online technology space like no other. It certainly has the ability and resources to offer something radically different – and they will have to – if they are aiming to stand out from the rest. So, we are betting on them to come up with the goods.
Fingers crossed.
Image: Google

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