When The Student Is Ready……

I have been very fortunate to have had a number of mentors over the course of my career, and to be able to be an informal mentor to some amazing recruitment professionals. This has been much more prevalent in the last 15 years since I have had my own business, and gained considerable life experience.  All of my mentoring or knowledge sharing has been informal, situational  and very very timely.
I think part of the success of any mentoring relationship is being open, honest and willing to share. I myself learn lots from the people I meet and the information we share. There is an old quote, which was told to me by Nicholas Byrne -who first taught me how to recruit- which reads “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.   We often miss opportunities to learn because we’re not open to the possibility that others may have valuable things to share. If you ready yourself to be open and ready to those around you, it’s amazing what you can learn.
We have included a number of blogs on mentoring in this newsletter, I hope that you enjoy these and that they help you see mentoring as more than mere advice giving, but a mutually beneficial relationship that’s good for you, good for your employees and good for our wider HR community.
At this year’s ATC we have a mentoring think tank session facilitated by Simon Townsend, Chief Innovation Officer at Allegis Global Solutions. In this session Simon will demonstrate how you can turn networking into powerful learning and knowledge sharing  that can help everyone access information, solve pain points, and achieve industry wide success. You can register for the conference here.
Good luck, and happy learning.
PS- I’ll be running a webinar on mentoring with Simon Townsend and Kevin Wheeler on Thursday the 23rd of April. We will be discussing the importance of knowledge sharing between talent acquisition professionals, and the effect peer to peer mentoring could have on the wider HR community. Sign up to join us in this discussion here.

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