Why HR Tech is sexier with SaaS

From all of the conferences I’ve attended this year, the one thing that’s really stood out is that HR Technology needs more SaaS.

Sales, marketing and even finance are all moving to SaaS providers for a whole host of requirements, but HR Tech has been slower to join the party.

There are reasons: HR is often considered a cost rather than a creator of value and as such doesn’t get the same level of attention or investment as other departments; payroll systems are among some of the most data-heavy within the organisation, making the thought of sorting through it all and moving to a new system far too scary to contemplate. But often it’s just a lack of understanding about what awesome new HR systems are out there.

With nearly half of Australian HR Departments using payroll systems from ten years ago, things are about to change – dramatically.

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked SaaS questions we receive here.

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