Video: Getting Critical about Recruitment A.I. with Rob McIntosh

What do you need from Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? What can it deliver? And how can you make sure it does?
A.I. is full to the brim with buzzwords, over-promises, and pipe dream applications – but that doesn’t mean it’s not the industry disruptor (buzzword again) everyone says it is. It just needs a bit of a critical eye.
We caught up with Rob McIntosh, who’s ready to deliver just that.

Quick Summary

What is pushing A.I.’s growth and how is it affecting Talent Acquisition?

Rapid growth in processing power is facilitating algorithmic learning faster than ever. Automation of tasks that were previously too complex for computers is becoming possible, and that’s saving time for everyone, not just recruiters.

Do you think A.I. in Talent Acquisition is just another fad?

No! But it’s important not to get too hung up on the name – Artificial Intelligence has become a a bit of a buzzword and it has been played up hugely by the media and Hollywood.

Any advice for Talent Acquisition leaders in the face of A.I. invasion?

Businesses want to fill jobs, yes, but they also want expert guidance and counsel. Talent leaders need to be prepared to provide that kind of service by capitalising on the extra time they’ll have when certain parts of hiring process is taken out of the equation by A.I. and automation.

What can we expect from you ATC2018?

Rob will be running through what A.I. and automation really mean for Talent Acquisition leaders. The different types of A.I. within the space today, what problems they’re starting to solve, and how you can fit that solution to problems you might be facing.

Rob will be speaking at ATC2018 and he will focus on what A.I. can and can’t do. Want to know more? Then be sure to drop by his session, this June!

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