The Power Of Data And Automation

As a recruiter, I’ve always wanted one of those copying machines as seen in The Muppets when Beeker gets multiplied (check this out when you need an afternoon pick me up).

Just imagine being able to put one of your top candidates into the machine, and churn out a whole lot of carbon copies.  Voila!  Job done!
OK, maybe this is taking the idea of recruitment automation a little far (but think of the potential).
This week, we bring you articles on recruitment automation.  And for good reason.  We all know that there can be loads of manual work in the recruitment cycle.  A smart recruitment leader should be looking for opportunities to improve the quality, and reduce the time of the overall recruitment lifecycle, through automation and effective use of data.  Grant Burrall expresses this well in his piece Is the Death of the In-Person Interview Imminent, where he states:  We live in a world that’s continually speeding up. Just think about overnight shipping, immediate downloads, and nearly-instant mortgage loans! Is it realistic to expect candidates to accept a slow hiring experience when the process could be streamlined –and enhanced – by technology?”
We have a great case study from David Haines on the power of automated reference checking in Mission Impossible: How Xref Saved ChristmasKevin Wheeler brings us a piece on The Next Steps in Big Data Analysis & Its Impact on Recruiting, and Dr John Sullivan provides his viewpoint on Why Your Firm Needs To Shift To Data-driven HR Model.  I hope you find some new insights on how data and technology can improve your recruitment function – enjoy the read.
Meanwhile I’m going back to my lab to see if I can invent the perfect ‘Candidate Carbon Copy’ machine.

—- The Power Of Data And Automation —-

Kevin Wheeler – The Next Steps In Big Data Analysis & Its Impact On Recruiting
David Haines – Mission Impossible: How Xref Saved Christmas
Grant Burrall – Is The Death Of The In-Person Interview Imminent
Dr John Sullivan – The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Shift To A Data-Driven HR Model

—- Metrics —-

Trevor Vas – It’s All About Metrics
Dr John Sullivan – Top 15 Design Principles For Talent Metrics And Analytics

—- Recorded Presentations—-

Duncan MacKay,  Trevor Vas, and Chris McDonald How Meaningful Is Cost Per Hire?
Simon Townsend, Trevor Vas and Chris McDonald Metrics Driven Recruitment?
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