Temporary Work is Here to Stay

The simultaneous rise of connected technology, globalisation and the mobile knowledge worker has disrupted the labour market in a way unseen since the industrial revolution.
Report after report from the likes of Deloitte, The Economist, Australian Bureau of Statistics and industry leaders details the accelerating demise of the 9-5 and the rise of the contingent, or temporary workforce.
The impact of this long-term shift is now biting for corporate Australia. The professional talent needed to build businesses is in high demand, and profitable growth hinges on access to the right talent at the right time.

Far beyond the ‘gig’ economy

Uber, Airtasker, Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, job boards and many others feed off the new wave of moonlighters, however the trend is moving rapidly up the food chain into high-end specialist services on demand.
The best professionals are becoming guns for hire, and the competition for talent is fierce. No longer a temporary plan, people are designing their lives more consciously, with many drawn to the freedom, autonomy and lifestyle of operating independently.
We are now in the era of the on-demand skills economy, where teams are built for short-term, high-value initiatives.

New times demand new solutions

Traditional recruiters and online platforms are racing to catch up. But rather than helping, the surge in new services is creating a ‘job fog’ where skilled professionals and suitable employers can’t easily find each other in the blur. Many employers are now proactively sourcing talent, but job boards don’t vet or validate candidates and there is little support, let alone administration and payroll.
Recruitments firms add a level of service, but can take months to fill a role, they focus on full-time positions, and the delays and fees can cost thousands of dollars per vacancy.
The professional talent needed to build businesses is in high demand, and profitable growth hinges on access to the right talent at the right time.

The clock is ticking

Far from solving the problem of accessing skills on demand, the glut of recruitment options is creating a choice paralysis without an effective end-to-end solution.
The most significant workforce disruption ever witnessed is here and now. And Australian businesses are fast running out of time to adapt to the new world of work.
Around 38 percent already report skills shortages and vacancies take 68 days on average to fill, costing $34,000 in lost revenue per vacancy – a 50 percent increase in just five years.
Changing existing processes will take too long to win the race for talent. It’s time for a new approach to workforce management delivering skills on demand.

Nvoi is an open workforce-as-a-service platform that connects employers and skilled professionals directly. It’s an end-to-end solution including search, selection, candidate verification, payroll and trusted ratings.
Employers can now uncover talent within their networks, and individuals can control their careers and monetise their skill, all within an easy-to-use skill exchange platform.
Nvoi cuts out the middlemen and provides companies with a way to fill vacancies with qualified, verified and rated professionals, at a fraction of the time, risk and cost of the existing process.

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