A Slice of Workforce Planning Heaven

Sadly through no fault of my own I missed ATCEvents MasterPlan2014 in Melbourne. I did however manage to follow their twitter feed, which was fantastic. Check out#MasterPlan2014 for some commentary to the NZ leg.
If you liked what you saw check out some other ATC Events. As someone who has attended a number of these events over the years, there are always Fantastic International Thought Leaders, Engaging Content, and a whole lot of fun.
If you’ve been inspired by MasterPlan2014, and have a bit of spare coin to invest into some workforce planning technology, then check out Workible. I stumbled across this piece of technology late last year when conducting some research on workplace planning tools. In a nutshell its a cool piece of technology with App that allows organisations to better manage its resources. Workible is currently being used in industries with large casual and contract workforce’s such as Health and Retail. I firmly believe it could and should be applied to Engineering, Construction, Mining, Resource, and Oil & Gas.
It allows employers to better manage and communication with internal resources whilst also developing, maintaining, accessing  external talent communities.
It allows employees/applicants to list not only skills and experience, but also availability. Hey, what other application allows you to post your shift to your coworkers if you happen to be sick for the day!
From someone who has worked in Recruitment Agencies, Lead and Managed Internal teams across Professional Services, and Construction, this tool can and will increase productivity, increase engagement, reduce time to hire whilst also increasing quality of hire. And best of all its Australian!
If you are serious about workforce planning, and looking at new technology, check out Workible.
Oh and I am NOT on their payroll. I just like cool tech, and this tool is very cool!
*To hear more about cool, new, emerging HR technology, and have a play, visit the Innovation Lab at ATC 2014, 21-22 May 2014.
This post first appeared on The Recruitment Percolator.

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