HR Technologies to Watch – Q2, 2016

Recently I told a group of HR and recruiting professionals that they should keep up with the ever-changing HR technology market by participating in 3-4 software demos a week. You might wonder why I said this… well, partly for professional development, partly because I don’t want them to be blindsided by advancements in HR tech, and, partly because I’m a geek and I want them to bear witness to the cool things that are happening in our market. I told the group that if they had trouble determining where to start to email me, and I’d build a list for them. Well, then 40 emails happened. Turns out, when you offer to do something like this, people take you up on it. Weird. So, I built a list of firms I’m tracking in Q2. This is a fraction of the nearly 21,000 HR & recruiting software products in the world. And, I’ll probably add to the list from week to week in Q2. If you’re a practitioner, find something that resonates with you or a particular pain that you’re having and check the company out. Do a demo – share what you learned with your peers. To make this easy for you, I’ve included a link to both their corporate website as well as their Twitter account.
A few house cleaning things before we get started…

  1. These technologies are listed in alphabetical order. Turns out, I love all my children.
  2. This list, well, like most lists, is NOT exhaustive. Tons of great HR & recruiting tech exists in the world. Tons.
  3. Some of these might be firms that I’m an advisor or consultant to. I didn’t denote them within this list as some of the advisory roles are not public yet. If you’re interested, email me and I can walk you through those plays specifically. I have no problem telling you whom I care about, etc. Most of my advisor roles are noted within my LinkedIn bio.
  4. The categories are mine, not theirs, meaning, the software firms on the list might see themselves differently than I have noted them. Turns out, it’s kind of hard to categorise HR software. They’ll set the record straight with you during the demo.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

Name Category Twitter
ActivTrak  Workforce Management @activtrak
Adepto  Sourcing & Recruiting @goadepto
Allay  HR Information Systems @heyallay
Anthology  Sourcing Technology @Anthology
AppLearn  Learning Management @applearntv
Arctic Shores  Candidate Assessment & Testing @arctic_shores
AskNicely  Employee Feedback @asknicely
Beamery  Candidate Relationship Management @beameryhq
Benevate  Wellness Management @benevate
Bizimply  Workforce Management @bizimply
Blendoor  Candidate Assessment & Testing @blendoor
Boon  Employee Referrals @Go_Boon
Brand Amper  Employee Advocacy @brandamper
Butterfly  Employee Feedback @bttrflapp
CareerArc  Outplacement & Alumni Technology @careerarc
Click Boarding  Onboarding Technology @clickboarding
Clinch  Candidate Relationship Management @clinch
CloudMills  HR Information Systems @CloudMills
Conspire  Sourcing Technology @goconspire
Continu  Learning Management @continu
Craft  Sourcing & Recruiting @craftdotco
day100  Sourcing & Recruiting @dayonehundred
Echovate  HR & Employee Analytics @echovate
Elevated Careers  Employment Website @elevatedcareers
Elevator  Sourcing & Recruiting @elevatorco
Empinfo  Workforce Management @empinfo
EmployStream  Recruiting Operations @employstream
Engagedly  Performance Management @engagedlyInc
Fairsail  HR Information Systems @fairsail
FirmPlay  Employment Branding @FirmPlay
Flexy  Employment Website @weareflexy
Fuel50  Career Mobility @careerengager
GapJumpers  Candidate Assessment & Testing @gapjumpers
gr8 People  Recruiting Operations @gr8PeopleCorp
Happie  Sourcing & Recruiting @gethappie
Hey Taco!  Total Rewards / Recognition @heytacoapp
HighGround  Engagement Tools @HighGroundHQ
Hiregrid  Candidate Relationship Management @hiregrid_io
HiringSolved  Sourcing Technology @hiringsolved
Honeit  Recruiting Operations @honeit_inc
Honeypot  Employment Website @honeypotio
HourlyNerd  Contingency Workforce Management @HourlyNerd
HROnboard  Onboarding Technology @HROnboard
Hyphen  Employee Feedback @HyphenApp
Impraise  Employee Feedback @impraise
Interviewed  Candidate Assessment & Testing @interviewedteam
iRevü  Employee Feedback @Engagiant_iRevu
JobAdder  Candidate Relationship Management @jobadder
Joberate  Recruiting Operations @Joberate
Jobsuitors  Employment Website @jobsuitors
JobzLab  Employee Referrals @jobzlab
Jopwell  Employment Website @Jopwell
Jostle  Collaboration Technology @JostleMe
Kaleo  Learning Management @kaleosoftware
KinHR  HR Information Systems @kin_hr
Launchpad  Video Interviewing @launchpadhq
Lensa  Candidate Assessment & Testing @lensahr
Lever  Applicant Tracking @lever
LifeGuides  Employment Branding @lifeguidesme
Limeade  Wellness Management @limeade
LineHire  Employment Website @linehire
LiveHire  Recruiting Operations @livehireme
Lytmus  Candidate Screening @lytmusio
Macromicro  HR & Employee Analytics @macromicrollc
Mattermark  Sourcing Technology @Mattermark
MentorCloud  Coaching & Mentoring Technology @MentorCloud
Meritocracy  Employment Website @Meritocracy_is
MOVE Guides  Career Mobility @moveguides
Nimble  Candidate Relationship Management @nimble
Nudj  Employee Referrals @nudjhq
OrgVue  Workforce Planning @orgvue
Pathgather  Learning Management @pathgather
Peakon  HR & Employee Analytics @peakonteam
PeopleDoc  Case Management @peopledoc_inc
PeopleGuru  Workforce Management @Peopleguru4HR
Phenom People  Recruiting Operations @phenom_people
Pocket Recruiter  Sourcing & Recruiting @PKRecruiter
Pomello  Engagement Tools @pomello
Prophet  Sourcing Technology @turboprophet
Pymetrics  Candidate Assessment & Testing @pymetrics
Qwalify  Sourcing Technology @qwalify
Recroup  Recruiting Operations @recroup
Recruitee  Candidate Relationship Management @recruiteehr
RecruitEm  Sourcing Technology @cleverbiscuit
Recruitics  Recruiting Operations @recruitics
Reflektive  Performance Management @reflektive
Reflik  Employee Referrals @ReflikInc
RelinkLabs  Recruiting Operations @relinklabs
Relode  Applicant Tracking @relodetools
Sapling  Onboarding Technology @saplinghq
Shiftboard  Employee Scheduling @shiftboard  Learning Management @showdme
Sity  Talent Management & Development @sityapp
Skeeled  Candidate Relationship Management @skeeledHR
Skill Scout  Recruiting Operations @skillscout
Skillio  Employment Website @SkillioInc
SmashFly  Candidate Relationship Management @smashfly
Snaprecruit  Recruiting Operations @snaprecruit
SocialTalent  Sourcing & Recruiting @socialtalent
Somewhere  Employment Website @Somewhere
Switch  Employment Website @getswitch
Syndio  HR & Employee Analytics @syndioinc
TalentBrowser  Applicant Tracking @TalentBrowser
TalentGuard  Talent Management & Development @TalentGuard
TalentIQ  Recruiting Operations @talent_iq
TalentObjects  Sourcing & Recruiting @talentobjects
TalentSky  Employment Website @talentskyinc
Tasytt  Onboarding Technology @tasytt
Textio  Employment Branding @textio
TextRecruit  Sourcing Technology @TextRecruit
The Good Jobs  Employment Branding @thegoodjobs
Traitify  Candidate Assessment & Testing @traitify
trovvit  Learning Management @Trovvit
TrustSphere  HR & Employee Analytics @trustsphere
Underdog  Employment Website @UnderdogJobs
Unitive  Applicant Tracking @weareunitive
VibeCatch  Engagement Tools @vibecatch
VisaNow  Workforce Management @VISANOW
Vitru  Candidate Assessment & Testing @govitru
WayUp  Employment Website @wayup
WebClipDrop  Candidate Relationship Management @webclipdrop
Weirdly  Candidate Assessment & Testing @weirdlyhub
Wellocity  Wellness Management @wellocity_us
Whil  Wellness Management @WeAreWhil
WhoKnows  HR & Employee Analytics @whoknowsinc
Wirkn  Video Interviewing @getwirkn
Wonolo  Contingency Workforce Management @Wonolo
Workable  Applicant Tracking @Workable
Workboard  Performance Management @WorkboardInc
Workshape  Sourcing & Recruiting @workshape_io
WorkTango  Employee Communications @work_tango
WorkXO  Employment Branding @WorkXO
Zoomforth  Employee Advocacy @zoomforth

Remember, a demo a day keeps mediocrity away. Well, there you go. I’ll try to create a new list in July or so. With errors, please comment below and I’ll review / update. If you think we (Royal We?) should look at a particular HR technology, within the comment section, give us the URL and your reasoning. Thanks in advance.
And if you love the Twitters, I’ve built a list of these firms.
Image: Orlando Campbell

This article first appeared on LinkedIn Pulse on May 1st, 2016. 

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  1. A very nice article you have provided lots of management tools through which HR can easily communicate with the employees.


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