Back to the Future with Nicole Clarke

Imagine it is October 2020. You are the recruitment manager for a large retail store or bank. Rather than run volume recruitment campaigns, you are spatially connected to all candidates who are interested in working for you. The customer service that your organisation prides itself on is mirrored in your recruitment service. Your recruitment team puts candidates before the red velvet rope.  Candidates are always spatially connected; they can search for jobs on a map. By looking at their phones they can see available jobs that are close to home. They can work out how long it takes to get to and from work.

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In addition, many candidates live locally and walk past your retail outlet or bank when they are out shopping. Surprise! As these potential candidates walk past, they receive a notification that you are recruiting right now and are provided with details regarding this opportunity. Candidates love this convenience.  It is the service that they expect, it is immediate! Candidates buy things online, and are really into instant gratification – so this is how they expect life to be. There is no need to search text based websites, as they are looking at real-time maps and receiving job information based on what they do. Candidates feel that organisations that provide this level of candidate service must be innovative and great to work for.


These candidates are connected through various social platforms, and start chatting about your recruitment service. This comes to the attention of your Corporate Communications team and they are delighted.  The recruitment team is nominated for providing exceptional customer service and what’s more, recruitment is easy and fun!

Oh, wait, what’s wrong with this story? The answer is, it is October 2015 and you can do this RIGHT NOW. Check Out … The Future is here.

Seriously, this type of service is what candidates expect, yet it is not out there. When your CEO asks you “have you heard of this type of recruitment service”, you respond with “yes, we’re actually working towards a similar more improved recruitment service; in fact here is the business case for your review”.

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