The Future of Recruitment: All About the Feels

I think now more than ever the question of where are we going from here is coming up more and more frequently.  It seems just like yesterday that I was learning about natural language searches on this really cool site called Monster.  Yahoo had just come out with Hot Jobs. We faxed resumes to clients because they did not trust email just yet. Man, have times changed from the days of only 10 years ago. My take on it may be different than many would think.

I believe that as fast as we are losing our ability to be anonymous, people will choose to turn back to the old days, where soft skills matter.  What we are already seeing is that people are getting easier to find, and this will just get easier. Engagement will become more and more important in the recruitment process. Organizational skills and personality are going to rule the day. Since we can find out so much information about a person and store it for future use,  things like video interviewing and classes on how to talk to candidates will become more valuable in the future. I am seeing this more and more in the industry.
I’ve always loved this quote my Grandmother taught me when I was young, “people forget names, dates, and even places but they never forget how you made them feel”.
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