Moving from Transactional to Transformational Recruiting Strategy Metrics

Thanks to ManpowerGroup Solutions Australia and Susan Howse for investing in the “Recruiting Strategy Metrics: From Transactional to Transformational” White Paper and adding value to the Recruitment Industry. I was consulted and contributed to this content.
This is a really good White Paper on different types of metrics that an internal recruitment function may use to measure their efficiency and effectiveness. However before you jump right in to implement these metrics into your hiring process, it is important to consider:

  • What you have achieved now in relation to what you have previously predicted; and
  • Where you are now in relation to your desired future position.

[bctt tweet=”Consider where you are at and where you want to be before using transformational recruitment metrics.”]
RiddleKeeping these points in mind will enable you to identify areas for improvement and better leverage and maximise the value of the metrics to have the greatest impact in your organisation.
I also suggest while reading this White Paper, that you also consider your various stakeholder groups and influential stakeholders. Ask yourself what is the most important metric to them. Often what is important to the business will not reflect the efficiency of talent acquisition, or in other words what is important to you.
For example, quality of hire or time to productivity for a sales function may be more important than cost per hire. Alternatively depth and quality of your customer service candidate talent pool may be more important than your average time to hire.
Preparing a ”Stakeholder Impact Analysis” and then overlaying your selected metrics and allocating a weight to the importance of each metric to your stakeholders will be helpful in understanding what and to whom you should be communicating.

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